History of the United States
Colonial America

What was the basis of the colonial governments?

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How where colonial and state governments different?

Colonial and State Governments are different by: Colonial = had been rules by royal governors who where appointed by the British king. Governments = had the power to dismiss elected assemblies.

How where the colonial governments arranged?


What are the major features of colonial governments?


How did parliament serve as a model for colonial governments in the colonies and for congress?

The two-house parliment with representives in each house elected from specific divisions of the country was the basis for Congress.

What are words that start with the letter E from colonial times?

Excise tax was charged on liquor by the colonial governments. It was a significant source of income for the governments.

What do early colonial governments have in common?

There are a number of things that the early colonial governments had in common. The main similarity was in the organizational structure which was influenced by Britain.

Who was the leader of the in the branch in the colonial governments?

the governor

How did colonial governments work?

worked on your mom

Could colonial governments declare war?


In what ways were the colonial governments different?

Colonial governments were different because colonists' rights were defined by formal documents. British rights were defined by laws and tradition.

How did colonial governments change in the early 1700s?

A. Colonial assemblies expanded their influence into military matters.

What key practices among the colonial governments became a part of your nations system of government?

What key practices among the colonial governments became a part of your nations system of government?

What crop was the basis of the colonial economy on the Caribbean islands?

The basis crop was sugar cane.

In colonial governments what were the Council and the Assembly patterned after?

English Parliament

Were colonial governments true democracies?


New state governments similar to the old colonial governments in what way?

they are different by the new one being more technologycal and the old colonial government being old,grumpy,and they have pitos

Was slavery the basis for freedom in colonial America?


Deciding the basis for grouping governments for study is a problem because?

The answer is there are many possible sets of characteristics by which the governments can be grouped.

Colonial governments could be best described as involving?

indirect representation

Why were the pioneers unhappy with the British and colonial governments?

Taxation without Representation

How were colonial governments in the 1700s similar?

They all had royally appointed governors.

Who has the power to keep existing colonial militias and governments?

luid ramierz

Which group of people in the south had the most power in colonial governments?

Huang he

How were colonial and state governments different?

The colonial government were as the people decided, that were there. Willian Brewster had been chose as the head leader of the Mayflower. Also their pastor.State governments could not come to be, until there were states.

How did the Parliament serve as a model for colonial governments in the colonies and for congress later?

The colonial government did not draft after the congress. This is to the British parliament.