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I believe it was Baby Ruth Candy Bars

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What has the author Rudolf Wacker written?

Rudolf Wacker has written: 'Rudolf Wacker'

When was Otto Wacker born?

Otto Wacker was born in 1898.

When did Otto Wacker die?

Otto Wacker died in 1970.

What is the population of Wacker Chemie?

The population of Wacker Chemie is 16,314.

What is Wacker Chemie's population?

The population of Wacker Chemie is 2,010.

When was Franz Wacker born?

Franz Wacker was born in 1947.

How tall is Franz Wacker?

Franz Wacker is 182 cm.

How do you say weed wacker in Hebrew?

weed wacker = ויד וואקר (veed vahker)

When was FC Wacker München created?

FC Wacker München was created in 1903.

When did Charlie Wacker die?

Charlie Wacker died on 1948-08-07.

When was Charlie Wacker born?

Charlie Wacker was born on 1883-12-08.

When was SV Wacker Burghausen created?

SV Wacker Burghausen was created in 1930.

When was FC Wacker Innsbruck created?

FC Wacker Innsbruck was created in 1915.

When did FC Wacker Innsbruck end?

FC Wacker Innsbruck ended in 1999.

When was Wacker von Wackenfels born?

Wacker von Wackenfels was born in 1550.

When did Wacker von Wackenfels die?

Wacker von Wackenfels died in 1619.

When was Charles H. Wacker born?

Charles H. Wacker was born in 1856.

When did Charles H. Wacker die?

Charles H. Wacker died in 1929.

When was LaSalle-Wacker Building created?

LaSalle-Wacker Building was created in 1930.

What has the author Ulrich Wacker written?

Ulrich. Wacker has written: 'Entlarven - Begreifen - Verstehen'

When was FC Admira Wacker Mödling created?

FC Admira Wacker Mödling was created in 1905.

What is the name of the part that has the string in it on a gas weed wacker?

what is the part of the weed wacker that has the string on it connected to the frane

When was Joshua Wacker born?

Joshua Wacker was born on November 14, 1988, in Bedford, Pennsylvania, USA.

Where can you buy a 4 cylinder weed wacker?

you wont find a 4 cylinder weed wacker ( too heavy ) but most lawn and garden dealers will carry a 4 stroke weed wacker.

When and where was baseball player Charlie Wacker born?

Charlie Wacker was born December 8, 1883, in Jeffersonville, IN, USA.

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