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Q: What was the biggest African lion ever recorded?
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What is the size of the biggest recorded lion?

The biggest recorded lion weighed about 850 pounds and was 3.75 meters long!

What is the strongest lion that ever lived?

African Lion

How large is the largest lion recorded?

The barbary lion is the biggest type of lion. They weigh 550-620 pounds and are 11 ft long. In South africa, there was a lion found killed that was unsual in size as researchers have estimated it to be 690 pounds.the worlds biggest lion is the liger it can be as tall as a ladder.

Is a lion heavier than a tiger?

normally no cuase the biggest cat the siberian tiger wighs 730 pouands and a kruger male lion can wigh 668 but the biggest lion ever wigh 50 pounds more than the biggest tiger ever

What type of lions are the strongest?

The Barbary Lion is the biggest lion in the world, males can grow up to 600 lbThe biggest lion in the entire world is actually called the liger. The liger is a mixture of lion and tiger, all rolled into one feisty feline.

What was the biggest cat that ever lived?

the biggest cat that ever lived was the saber tooth tiger it weighed more then 945 pounds The biggest cat was American lion which weighted up to 430kg . American lion is (was) actually bigger than a liger The Liger was is the biggest cat then Siberian Tiger the African

How tall can a African lion get?

how tall can a African lion get

Where do antalops live?


Who would win a fight African Lion or a prehistoric cave lion?

African Lion  

What lion is bigger the African or the Asiatic?

The African Lion is bigger.

Who would win a fight African Lion or Megalania?

African Lion 

What is the duration of The African Lion?

The duration of The African Lion is 1.25 hours.