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The water the river provided.

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Where is worlds biggest river?

nile river nile river

What are 5 river valley civilizations?

nile river

What role did the Nile River have on early development civilizations?

the nile river had a role of being honest

Which is biggest river?

Nile river

What river in Africa is home to most major civilizations?

The Nile River.

What is the biggest river in Africa?

the river nile

What is the Biggest river on earth?

the nile river

How were early African civilizations similar or different to river valley civilizations?

Some African civilizations were river valley civilizations, such as Egypt and Nubia(because they were located along the nile river).

What river helped civilizations to develop in West Africa?

The Nile River helped civilizations to develop in West Africa.

What where the accomplishments of the early river valley civilizations?

The Nile River was the axis of two early African civilizations

Why did civilizations rise in the Fertile Crescent?

it is the Nile river

Is the river nile one of the biggest rivers in England?

NO. The river Nile is not one of the biggest rivers in England...because it's in Egypt not England and it is the biggest river in Egypt

What is the biggest African river?

The biggest river in Africa is river nile and it the longest on the earth.

Is the river nile one of the biggest lakes in Africa?

NO, the Nile is a river and is the longest river in Africa

Why is the Nile river important to early civilizations?

they wouldent be ulive if they did not have the nile river beacause they would have no food your water.

How many crocodiles live in the Nile River?

I think it is countless. Nile is the biggest river.

What is the first biggest river in Africa?

Nile River

Is river Rhine the biggest river?

Biggest river in Europe: Yes Biggest river in the world: No (it is in fact the Nile, in north Africa)

What is the biggest river in Egypt?


Biggest river in Africa?

The Nile.

Is the Nile River the biggest on earth?


What civilizations started by the Nile River?

but wipers like it all

What were two important early civilizations in Africa?

The Nile river and

What civilizations grew up around the nile?

indus river

4 major early river civilizations?

There are more than 4 river civilizations. he 4 main rivers are Nile river, Indus river, Yellow river and Harappa river.