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572 big block.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-16 02:50:27
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Q: What was the biggest engine you could put in a 1972 nova?
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What size crank does the 1972 nova rally have?

Depends on what engine it has in it. Being a 72 some one could have put a different engine in it.

What do i need to do to change my v6 engine on my 1972 nova into a 350v8 engine?

a workshop

Why wouldn't the ignition switch turn off the engine on a 1972 Chevy Nova?


Will a 1973 Nova hood fit a 1972 Nova?


Why is your 1972 Chevy Nova 350 engine misfiring?

could need new plugs, plug wires, new points and condenser rotor and distriburetor cap and the timing set, also could be in need of a carb rebuild.

When was Nova Solis created?

Nova Solis was created in 1972.

Will the fenders from a 1974 or 73 Chevy Nova fit on a 1972 nova?


Will 1972 Nova front clip fit on a 1974 nova?


Is 1972 nova bumper brackets the same as 1973 nova bumper brackets?


Do 1972 Chevy nova bumpers fit on a 1973 Chevy nova?


Where are the roof holes of a 1972 Chevy nova for installation of seatbelts?

where are the holes located in the roof of a 1972 chevy nova for seat belt installation

How do you remove a car engine from 1966 Chevy Nova?

how to remove a 1966 283 engine from a Nova

What do you need to changs from a six cylinder to a 8 cylinder engine in a 1972 Chevy Nova?

you will need V8 motor mounts and a bigger radiator.

Will 1972 nova front clip fit on a 1973 nova?

Yes it will bolt right on.

What is the difference between a 1992 nova bumper and a 1972 Nova bumper?

About 20 years.

Which car was better the Chevrolet Nova coupe of the year 1972 or the Pontiac Le Mans coupe of the year 1972?

The Pontiac LeMans would be my choice. It is slightly larger and more luxurious. The Pontiac engine was also a better engine than the Chevy.

Is nunavut biggest place Nova Scotia?

Nunavut is not in Nova Scotia; it is a Canadian territory.

Will 1974 nova doors fit 1972 nova?

Not without modification. The 1973 and 1974 body styles are unique in the Nova series.

How did the steam engine change transportation in America?

people could travel faster and cheaper : Nova Net

When was Nikki Nova born?

Nikki Nova was born on January 5, 1972, in Hampton, Virginia, USA.

What is the biggest engine you can put into a 1976 Chevy Nova?

I've seen a 572 fit into one with no modification to the existing fenders or hood 502 Big Block

How do you run a vin for 1972 nova?


Where is the hood release for a 1972 Nova?

under the front of the car.

How much does a 1972 nova V8 weigh?

about 3,100 lbs

How do you know what size rims to order for a 1972 nova?

From the factory the nova had 14" rims but a 15" rim will fit with no problem.