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T-rex(female) jurassic park 1 46ft long 20ft tall

T-rex(male) jurassic park 2 42ft long 20 ft tall

T-rex(female) jurassic park 2 40ft long 18ft tall

Spinosaurus(male) jurassic park 3 43ft long 16ft tall

T-rex(sub-adult male) jurassic park 3 37ft long 14.5ft tall

Ceratorsaurus jurassic park 3 30.5 ft long 12ft tall

Velociraptor jp1,jp2,jp3 13ft long 5.6ft tall

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โˆ™ 2011-08-01 19:05:18
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Q: What was the biggest meat eaters from Jurassic Park?
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