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What was the biggest rock concert ever?

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Metallica, AC/DC and Pantera in Moscow 91, 1.6 million people

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Biggest Iron maiden concert ever?

Rock In Rio 1985 - supposedly 300,000 spectators. (according to Live After Death DVD)

What is the largest crowd iron maiden had had in attendance?

The biggest crowd they've ever played to was Rock in Rio in 1985 to 300,000. The biggest crowd they ever headlined to was 250,000 at the 2001 Rock in Rio. Their biggest ever non-festival performance (i.e. their own concert) took place in Sao Paulo in 2009 to 63,000 people.

What was Megadeth's biggest concert?

Probably Rock in Rio 1991

Biggest u2 concert ever?

150,000 Italy 1997

What is the biggest metal concert ever?

Uh i dont know for sure but the concert in Russia, Monsters Of Rock was biggg in the vid from metallica enter sandman or pantera. You cant see the end of people at the end of the horizon :P

Which is the biggest concert of metallica ever?

s and m which stands for symphony of Metallica

What was Janet Jackson's biggest concert ever?

I think it was Rhythm Nation Tour.*

Loudest sound ever recorded?

The loudest sound ever recorded are rock concert speakers.

What rock band has sold the most concert tickets ever?


Biggest rock concert in history?

Rod Stewart's Copacabana Beach concert in 1994 was the largest rock concert in history. Thirty-five million people showed up to hear him play at the Copacabana Beach Resort in Brazil.

Who is the biggest rock star ever?

reece mastin

What is the concert with more people history?

The Jean-Michel Jarre's concert in Moscow 1997 is the biggest concert ever. More than 3,5 milion people watched the show.

What is the biggest concert with the biggest music stars in the history of music?

Rod Stewart at Copacabana Beach [3,500,000] Monsters of Rock, Moscow '91 [1,200,000]

When was Concert on the Rock created?

Concert on the Rock was created in 2004.

Will there be a tour DVD in 2008 for westlife?

There probably will because they played in croke park and it was the biggest concert they ever did!

What is the biggest concert Taylor Swift has ever had?

500,000+ at gillette stadium cause she loves gillette <3

The 10 biggest rock tours ever?

u2 360° tour

What is the biggest concert ever by a single artist?

MJJMichael Jackson. He broke records for Bad, Dangerous and History

How much people went to the biggest concert in the world?

This how much people went to the biggest concert it was about 400 or 300

How many people were at the Jonas brothers concert March 8?

About 400,000 People. It was one of the biggest concerts ever! in houston!

What band had the largest concert crowd at wembley stadium?

i believe INXS in 1991 had the biggest crowd ever at Wembley Stadium.

What is the biggest ever attendance at a music concert?

Pink Floyd - The Wall Berlin, Germany over 400 Thousand Attendees

Where was Robbie Williams biggest concert?

There were 250,000 people at his Kebworth concert.

Where did kesha do her biggest concert?

in chicogo

Biggest concert crowd in Australia?

The Crowded House 'Fairwell to the World' concert

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