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What was the blitz in WW2?


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(when the Germans bombed England) WHO EVER WROTE THAT LET ME IMPROVE.#

The Blitz was the BOMBING CAMPAIGN carried out on British cities and towns by the Germans during ww2. War was declared on September 3, 1939, but the first few months were called the 'Phoney War' as little seemed to happen. The retreat of the British forces from Dunkirk in June 1940 was followed by the intense BATTLE OF BRITAIN fought in skies over southern Britain until September 1940. The Blitz then began, and lasted until May 1941


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The blitz in WW2 were very strong and could kill loads of people. When the blitz were going on people used to hide in the shelter.

Blitz in WW2 was an intensive campaign of aerial bombing.

The Blitz refers to German bombing raids on cities during WW2

it started on 7th September 1940

With Germany Blitzkrieging Poland to jump-start WW2 in a very bad way.

Kingston upon Thames is a town in the United Kingdom. It did in fact get heavily bombed during the WW2 blitz.

blitz is the football term meaning sack 'em the quater back says that though now get to your homework

The heavy and frequent bombing attacks on London and other cities in the UK (eg Coventry and Plymouth) during WW2 was known as the 'Blitz'.

They were used as bombers in the early days and were a part of the London blitz of ww1 not the ww2 blitz. then bomber planes were used and Zeppelin's were not needed

Edie Benson was quite a famous character during WW2. She is one of the many who's diary's are published. Her book is called My Story; The Blitz; Edie Benson Hope this helps!!

Air-raid Sirens were developed in WW2 to warn of air-raids in Europe. (If you are asking about a specific "blitz," please re-enter your question with more details.)

Specific to WW2: blitz (from German blitzkrieg) doodlebug (V2) flak

The Blitz and the lightning war are two different things.The Blitz is the continuous German bombings England suffered in 1940.The lightning war - (Blitzkreig) is the strategy used by Germans during WW2 to breakthough rapidly the ennemi's defense, based on armored tanks (Panzer).

Blitz (Blitzen) is a German word meaning lightning or flash. It came into more common use in English during WW2 with the strategy of the German military named Blitzkrieg, lightning war or warfare.

Blitzkrieg means Lightning War and refers to the fast, mobile tactics used by German armoured divisions at the start of WW2. The Blitz is the term used for the German bombing campaign of the UK during 1940-41.

why did we have the blitz

The Blitz is called the Blitz because the term 'Blitz' is short for Blitzkrieg and means Lightning war in German. Your Welcome <3

The Blitz ended in 1941

I think the Blitz cost 36,00 I think the Blitz cost 36,00

My name is ADMYAMAMOTO 129Z, I've been answering all these ww2 questions. Anyways the Blitz was when Hermann Goring launched the full scale bombing of British airbases, factories, and cities to cripple Britain for a German invasion of the U.K. It ultimately was a failure that ended Germany's air superiority.

blitz originate from Germany because blitz means in German 'lightning war'

"Blitz" is the German word for "lightning".

The name blitz came from the word blitzkrieg which was the German way of saying lighting war. So the word blitz comes from lighting war.

No. The Blitz started in September 1940.

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