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the royal air force aka the RAF

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What is the british air force called in WW2?

The British air force was, and still is called the Royal Air Force.

What were the planes of the German air force called?

The German Air Force in WW2 was called the Luftwaffe.

What was the British air force called during ww2?

RAF Royal Air Force. It has borne this name since mid-ww-l there was briefly the Royal Flying Corps which evolved into RAF. the Navy has its Fleet Air Arm.

Can a naturalised not born British citizen rise up to the top level air ranks in Royal Air Force?

Yes, I remember a newspaper obituary suggesting just that concerning a veteran of WW2.

Which land did luftwaffe represent?

The Luftwaffe in WW2 was the German air force.

What happened at dunkirk during WW2?

At Dunkirk the British Expeditionary Force, section of the army, were forced to retreat from Nazi occupied France. Upon reaching the coast, at Dunkirk, they met hundreds of small civilian British boats from across the channel called up to transport the men from the beach to the larger ships. They did this under the attack of the German Air-force.

Is stroppy a slang word?

Yes, it means to get angry, particularly with a military subordinate. Originating in the Royal Navy in WW2 and much loved by British Army and Air Force DI's.

Name of German airforce during world war 2?

The German air force was called the Luftwaffe during ww2 _____ Just a small point to add - the German Air Defence Force is still known as the Luftwaffe today.

What is the abbreviation for Britain's air force?

RAF - Royal Air Force.Military flying started in the British Army in its "Royal Flying Corps". Known as "RFC" for short.Later, the RFC was separated from the Army to form a new military entity called the Royal Air Force or "RAF" for short.(The answer below is just a little joke!)Another answerIn the First World War, The British Air Force were known as the "Royal Flying Club", which in a way, was what they were, as the RFC was formed from all the little English flying Clubs that were scattered around England.In WW2 they became the RAF, [The Royal Air-Force].The abbreviation RAF is contained in their brass cap badge and is embroidered on their pilot's wings.

Were the air force tactics based on the Royal Air Force?

Every air force develops it's own tactics. In the RAF during WW2 even each Group developed its own unique tactics.

What was Canada's contribution in the air during World War 2?

I do not know but I do know that they contributede a large air force for WW2.

Is afghan air force is best?

No..The United States has the most powerful Air Force, with both planes and pilots maintaining air superiority in every conflict they have been engaged in since WW2.

British general in ww2 called monty?

Bernard Montgomery - known as Monty.

Canada's role in land air and naval war?

During WW2 they were part of the British commonwealth.

What did congress do in order to raise a large military force during ww2?

Asked for volunteers for the army, navy, air force, and marines.

When did the Royal Air Force bomb Berlin?

The RAF bombed Berlin many times in WW2

What year was the air force formed?

It became a seperat service on 18 September 1947. Right after WW2.

Nazi air force commander during ww2?

Hermann Goering. Convicted at Nuremburg he committed suicide.

What is jeep in British army slang?

During WW2 the British used the American made Jeep and called it Peep. They already had a larger vehicle they called Jeep.

What is the name for the German Air Force?

Luftwaffe was the name of the German Air Force in WW2.The forerunner of the Luftwaffe was the Imperial German Army Air Service (Luftstreitkräfte), was founded in 1910 and commanded by Wilhelm von Hoeppner, Kommandierenderer General der Luftstreitkr.There was also a German Marine Air Force.

Fact about the P-51 Mustang?

It was the premier long range fighter plane of the US Army Air Force in WW2. It was designed for the RAF to their specifications and adopted by the US Army Air Force.

What did Albert Lebrun do as president?

Bring about WW2 by not wanting peace with Germany and getting ready to attack Germany with the British expeditionary force.

Can South Africans join the Royal Air Force of Britain?

During WW2 they could and many did. I am not certain about current policy on this.

What is a group in the US air force called?

Answer During WW2, the air force for the US was part of the US Army and was called the Air Corps. The Air Corps were divided into Army Air Forces that were numbered, such as 1st AAF, 2nd AAF, etc. These were further divided into Groupsand then into Squadrons. There were support and administration units that provided logistics and support. They had names such as Depot Supply Squadron, Engineering Aviation Battalion, Ordnance Maintenance Company and Quartermaster Service Company.

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