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The Vietnam War was caused by the rise of a Communist government in South Asia. The effect was millions of American soldier deaths.

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1. Cause-Communist aggression 2. Effect-Free world victory for Korea/Communist victory for Communists in Vietnam

How did the Vietnam war effect the Vietnamese

Cause=Communist aggression in both wars effect= War result=Korean War/allied victory; Vietnam War/Communist victory

1. Cause-Communist aggression 2. Effect-War War=Self explanatory

They learned alot about military science.

The effect that the Vietnam war had on Morrie's department at Brandeis university during the 1960s was the Vietnam Protest.

Korean War, Vietnam War,

The soldiers there kind of stayed and married women there and they gave birth to vietnam-americans.

What effect did the Vietnam War have on the Vietnamese? thats the same as the question silly and the effects were no homes no food no stock and stuff like that

The most direct effect was North Vietnam was NOT invaded as was North Korea in that war. North Korea's invasion brought Red China into the war; that strategy was not to be repeated.

there were many causes of the Vietnam war but the "main" cause was fear of Communism

From WWII until the end of the Vietnam War. The draft was kept in effect due to the cold war. However, cold war or not, after Vietnam...the draft had to be let go.

The "Hippies" were a portion of the "anti-war movement."

it didnt cause it. it actually ended the war

The split occurred in 1954, and was part of the reason for the war.

Laos may not be as industrialized as Vietnam is; Vietnam learned much from the US.

It divided the country into pro-war and anti-war factions.

Communist North Vietnam trying to take over Non-communist South Vietnam.

the war and the outcome of the Vietnam war ^ Who answered this question? He answered the wrong question which didn't even make sense omfg.

Most people accept the spread of communism as the prime cause of the Vietnam War, a battle of the cold war.

Because of all the violence and bombing

Made people no longer trust in the gov.

The all volunteer US military.