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What was the cause of the wounded knee massacre?

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What ended at the massacre at wounded knee?

The massacre at Wounded Knee was the last battle of the American Indian Wars.

What caused the Massacre at wounded Knee?

The Massacre at Wounded Knee was caused by the federal government attempting to forcefully remove the Native Americans to reservations. The Massacre at Wounded Knee occurred on December 29,1890.

Where did the wounded knee massacre take place?

Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota

What was the significance of wounded knee?

The wounded knee massacre is considered the ending of the "free Indian" in 1890.

Where was the battle at wounded knee fought?

It was never a battle. It was a massacre. It was over by Wounded Knee Creek.

When was the battle of Wounded knee was fought when?

The Wounded Knee MASSACRE occurred on December 29, 1890.

What state did the wounded knee take place?

The Wounded Knee Massacre took place at Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota on December 29, 1890

What year did the battle of wounded knee begin?

The Massacre of Wounded Knee took place December 29, 1980.

What massacre marks the final defeat of the Indians in 1890?

Wounded Knee Massacre.

What were the consqunces of the battle of wounded knee?

First of all, it was NOT the Battle of Wounded Knee. It was the Massacre of Wounded Knee. Wounded Knee is considered to be marking the last of the "free Indian". blackwolfspirit are you a boy or Girl if girl how old?

When was the massacre at wounded knee?

December 29, 1890

What tribe was killed at the massacre at wounded knee?

The Sioux.

What contributed to the Wounded Knee Massacre?

The ghost dance

Where was the last battle between the Native Americans and Americans?

Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota at the Massacre at Wounded Knee

Site of an Indian massacre in 1890 in South Dakota?

It is known in history as the Battle of Wounded Knee or the Wouded Knee Massacre or the Chief Bigfoot Massacre and it happened at Wounded Knee Creek, 11 miles west of present day Batesland, South Dakota.

The Ghost Dance movement led to which massacre?

Wounded Knee

The massacre at wounded knee resulted in the death of?

The Hunkpapa Sioux

Which of the following contributed to the Wounded Knee Massacre?

the Ghost Dance

What lead to the shooting at Wounded knee Massacre?

GIRTH argument

Who won the Battle of Wounded Knee?

You mean the Massacre at Wounded Knee. There was no battle. The US army killed men, women and children.

What is the significant of the battle of wounded knee?

It was called The Wounded Knee Massacre. It was what caused the Sioux to unofficially surrender, due to small rebellion forces against the U.S. armies, although no successful attacks were made after The Wounded Knee Massacre, making it the unofficial Sioux surrender.

Wounded Knee marked the end of what conflict?

The Wounded Knee Massacre on December 29, 1890 is usually considered the end of the "free Indian".

What are words that start with X that describe the Wounded Knee Massacre?

· xenophobic

What is the latitude and longitude of the wounded knee massacre in 1890?


What was the last major events of the Indian wars?

Wounded knee massacre

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