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what was the cause of Yunnan china earthquake


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The area of Yunnan is 394,100 square kilometers.

Yunnan Copper was created in 1958.

Yunnan University was created in 1922-12.

The primary cause of a earthquake is always continental drift.

no...the earthquake did not cause a hole in the earth

Any kind of fault can cause a earthquake.

Drinking a chocolate banana milkshake does not cause an earthquake.

Yunnan Institute of Development was created in 2001.

Ming conquest of Yunnan happened in 1381.

Yunnan Agricultural University was created in 1938.

China Yunnan Airlines ended in 2003.

Yunnan Normal University was created in 1938.

Yunnan Arts University was created in 1959.

Yunnan Hongta F.C. was created in 1996.

Yunnan Hongta F.C. ended in 2003.

No, the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 did not cause a tsunami.

A valcano could cause a earthquake but it is not likley. If the the eruption is hard enogh maybe.

Above 8-9 magnitude can cause severe earthquake....

A volcanic eruption can cause an earthquake and an earthquake underwater can cause a tsunami.

The waves released by earthquake cause the damage. They can cause colossal damage to property.

No an earthquake is caused because in that certain area where the earthquake was , there was a fault line.

Earthquake cause fires and floods when gas pipes and and water mains break.

When two tectonic plates collide, they can cause an earthquake.

Violent shaking from an earthquake can cause soil and rock on slopes to fail and cause a landslide

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