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What was the climate like for the pawnee Indians?


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hot in the summer. Cold in the winter. Cold in fall. Kind of hot in spring


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The Pawnee Indians were farmers. They farmer crops like corn, squash and beans.

warm in the summer and cool in the spring and the winter and cold in the winter

pawnee Indians shelter

The Pawnee Indians lived in northern Kansas and Nebraska.

What did the pawnee indians use for tools

What was the climate like for the fort mojave indians

What did the Pawnee Indians trade and what did they want to obtain?

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The Pawnee Indians were native to present-day Oklahoma. Their official name is the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma. They were one of the biggest tribes in the plains.

Pawnee Indians used Horse- and dog-pulled travois

The climate that the pawnee tribe lived in was very hot and dry because they live in desserts

The Pawnee Indians orginally lived in Nebraska and Kansas. in the 1800s they were forced to live in Oaklahoma on a reservation.

Pawnee villiges were composed if earth lodges

they are like Indians who lived that adapte to warm climate

they played stick and a rock. its just like baseball

the Pawnee eat Antilope squash otter and other things

The Pawnee Indians used many parts of the buffalo for their every day tools. This included rakes, hoes, and shovels.

John Brown Dunbar has written: 'Pawnees' -- subject(s): Pawnee Indians '\\' -- subject(s): Pawnee Indians; Indians of North America, Reservations

the climate was very mild with lots of rain.

yes they did get law infocements.

The Pawnee Indians grew and hunted the food that they ate. They ate corn, squash, and beans that they would grow. They hunted antelope, and buffalo to eat.

The kind of clothing that the Pawnee Indians wore was simple made from animal skins and hides. Moccasins and breech cloth was popular for the men.

The Pawnee Indians got their food in various ways. The most common ways included farming, hunting and fishing which served as the main sources of food.


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