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What was the code name for the Nintendo DS?


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The code name for a Nintendo Ds, is Ds

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There are no unlock codes for World of Zoo on Nintendo DS. World of Zoo was released on Nintendo DS in 2009.

The Nintendo DS does not have friend codes so you will be unable to trade codes.

No, you cannot get Snap Chat on a Nintendo DS. The DS cannot run unauthorised code, only code that Nintendo has allowed.

The game ID for a Nintendo DS game can be found on the cartridge. There will be a code, which is specific for each DS game.

its Nintendo wifi connection its like your code that you have on your ds its like the wii with the friend code :)

Nintendo Wi-Fi connection is already setup on the Nintendo Wii and DS, and is linked to your Friend Code. This is specific to the games on the DS, however it is usually your Wii Friend Code on the Nintendo Wii.

The code can be found on the ds game.Each code is different and each can only be used once.

To attract Nipper the moshling, you have to buy the Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo game for Nintendo DS. The game comes with a code to get the Robo Dendron seed. Note: the code is a one-time use, non-sharable code and can only be used once. You have to get the Moshling Zoo Nintendo DS game for yourself.

There are several types of Nintendo DS systems ranging from the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi, and Nintendo DSi XL. The newest version of the Nintendo DS is the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL.

yes you can play Nintendo ds games on the Nintendo ds lite

Yes you can play Nintendo DS games on a Nintendo ds lite.

Yes, the original Nintendo DS can play with the Nintendo DS Lite.

Nintendo invented the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DS lite.

Nintendo DS 2? I never heard of that. I only heard of Nintendo DS (the original one) and the Nintendo DS Lite

The code changes on the Nintendo DS game, and each code is different.

The Nintendo DS. It is slighty larger and fatter than the Nintendo DS Lite. Please see related link for the "Nintendo DS" picture. It was just called the Nintendo DS.

no you can only use Nintendo games on Nintendo ds/Nintendo ds lite.

I would recomend a Nintendo DS lite but normal Nintendo ds's are cheaper

The DS family consists of, in chronological order:Nintendo DSNintendo DS Lite (an exterior redesign of the DS)Nintendo DSiNintendo DSi XL/LL (an exterior redesign of the DSi)Nintendo 3DS

It can be used for a Nintendo ds lite, Nintendo ds i, Nintendo ds i XL and wii..................

It was just called Nintendo DS. Then Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL.

i think you tell them to get their code from their game and tell you!!!! Shayachimchar: what is that supposed to mean?!

well, it is easy you can't but thanks for trying

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