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Operation Reinhard (Aktion Reinhard, Einsatz Reinhard, Aktion Reinhardt or Einsatz Reinhardt in German) was the code name given to the Nazi plan to murder Polish Jews in the General Government, and marked the beginning of the most deadly phase of the Holocaust, the use of extermination camps. During the operation, as many as two million people were murdered in Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka and Majdanek, almost all of them Jews.


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One name Hitler had for it was "The Final Solution".

If the question refers to the Holocaust, the plan is called "The Final Solution".It was called The Final Solution.

It was a kept a secret because it was a meeting to discuss what they were going to do to the Jews and the " The Final Solution " was a code name for the extermination of the Jews

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The Final Solution was the name of the plan. The Allies knew of the final solution through intel, but thought it was a military plan, not plans for the Holocaust.

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They used the term the Final Solution. We have used the name Holocaust which means a mass slaughter. Some Jewish sects use that term for an offering that is entirely burned on an altar. But holocaust was not used by the Nazis.

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The Nazi euphemism for it was "The Final Solution".

The Final Solution( Of the Jewish Question)

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The Third Reich called it "The Final Solution". The rest of humanity calls it The Holocaust, though Jewish people themselves call it by the Hebrew word "Shoah".

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Neither. The holocaust was an EVENT. One that happened for several tragic and cruel years. But this name was given only after we discovered the existence of these camps. Before then, only the Nazis new the name of the event. And it was called the "Final Solution."

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