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What was the composer Mozart's first name?

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Mozart's first name was Wolfgang. His full name was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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What was the famous composer Mozarts fathers name?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's father was Leopold Mozart.

What did mozarts father for a living?

He was a violinist and minor composer.

Who was mozarts father?

Leopold Mozart, himself a violinist and composer.

Mozarts first name?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is his full name

What was the name of wolfgang amadeus Mozarts parnets?

Mozart's parents are Leopold Mozart, violinist and also composer, and Anna Maria Pertl

What was Mozarts wife name?

Mozarts wife name was Constenze Weber

Mozarts dads name?

Leopold Mozart was Wolfgang Mozart's father. He taught Wolfgang Mozart how to play the piano and was also a composer and violinist.

Was mozarts sister a composer?

Yes, Nannerl was a composer. But she was a girl, meaning she was "lesser" than men, so none of her works were published, sadly enough.

What is mozarts father name?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's father was Leopold Mozart. Leopold was a German composer, conductor and violinist. He died on 28 May, 1787.

What is Khachaturian's first name?

The composer Khachaturian's first name is Aram.

What is the name of Mozarts first symphony?

It was simply called Symphony in E flat major. Mozart did not number or name his symphonies.

Who was mozarts mummy?

Mozarts mother's name was Anna Maria

Who was Mozarts favorite composer?

Georg F. Haendel from Halle, Germany (although he was English after he spent his whole life there). He was also Beethoven, Bach, Haydn and many other's favourite composer.

Who was Mozarts rival composer?

Mozart's rival was the Italian Antonio Salieri (18 August 1750 - 7 May 1825)

Full name of composer Bruckner?

Bruckner's first name is Anton.

What was the composer Morzart's first name?

His name was Wolfgang Amadeus Motzart.

Who is Mozarts first employer?

The Archbishop of Salzburg

What did Mozarts father do?

Leopold Mozart (Wolfgang Amadeus Moazart's father) was a successful composer ,violinist and assistant concertmaster at the Salzburg court.

What is Mozarts last name?

His full name was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

What is the first name of the composer Legrand?

The composer's full name is Michel Legrand.

What is composer Bach's first name?

His full name was Ludwig Van Beethoven.

What is Mozarts middle name?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

What was Mozarts job?

Mozart was a professional composer and conductor. He also worked in the Austrian Court system. He may have written operas but never sang in them.

What was Mozarts jobs?

Mozart had many jobs in his time but his main job was as a musician. He was a composer and played piano, violin and the flute. By George Pauls

What is the first name of the composer with the surname Kern?

Jerome Kern was a composer of Broadway shows, songs and movie musicals.

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