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If you mean World War 2, the Germans had to be occupied by four countries and abide by the Postdam Conference. See Link Below.

If you mean World War 1, the Germans had 14 points they had to abide by whether they liked it or not. They were very bitter about their surrender reparations they had to meet and it fueled Adolph Hitler to disregard it and start a war. See Link Below.

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Q: What was the concessions demanded of Germany at the peace conferences?
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Who was the French representative to the Paris peace conference who demanded Germany be punished?

Georges Clemenceau

When was Dartmouth Conferences - peace - created?

Dartmouth Conferences - peace - was created in 1960.

What is giving concessions to keep peace?


What happened at the peace conference at the end of World War 2?

There were no peace conferences. Germany and Japan signed instruments of unconditional surrender, and thereafter fell under the control of the victorious powers.

What was the policy of granted concessions in order to maintain peace?


Major obstacles to peace at The Paris peace conference?

There have been numerous peace conferences in Paris. Which one are you referring to?

What were the conferences or treaties that ended the Persian war?

Presumably the Peace of Callias.

A policy of granting concessions in order to keep the peace is called?

Such a policy is known as APPEASEMENT.

What did wilson hope to achieve at the paris peace conference?

The most important of Wilson's 14 Points was the last one, the League of Nations. But he also had other ideas he wanted accomplished at the peace conference. He called for national borders determined by nationality and just treatment of Germany. The other allies were planning on how to divide the spoils and keeping Germany completely out of the peace making process. Wilson also demanded complete freedom of the seas for all nations, in peace and in war. And he also demanded disarmament among all the major nations. All of these demands were dismissed by the other nations.

Which allied nation attended the peace conference in Paris?

After both World Wars, Paris Peace conferences were held to create treaties, ending the war. The treaties created new borders and made financial arrangements to repay the cost of the war to the victors. After WWI, Russia and Germany were not invited. The terms placed on Germany after WWI have been considered by some as leading to the second world war.

What was the bargaining chip that the Israelis had to try to gain peace?

Typically land concessions, but it depends on the negotiation in particular.

How did Charles Dawes win the Nobel Peace Prize?

He was a financier and he won his prize for drawing up a workable plan for enabling Germany to make the retribution payment demanded from it by the victors of World War I.