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In World Wars I and II, merchant ships carrying supplies to both Russia and Britain were targeted heavily by German U-Boats (submarines). Since there were not enough destroyers and destroyer escorts to protect each individual ship, convoys were formed. In these convoys, a large number of merchant ships were grouped together and protected by a small number of escort vessels.

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Q: What was the convoy system?
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How do you use convoy system in a sentence?

The military vehicles traveled through town in a convoy system.

Why did the convoy system happen?

The convoy system was developed as a defense against Nazi U-Boat attacks called 'Wolf Packs' .

Why was the convoy system established?

to establish a good healthy system

The convoy system used by the British to combat the wolf packs was an effective defensive strategy?

One, the convoy system allowed the British to limit their number of losses. Second, without the convoy system, the Allies lost one out of every 10 ships. With the convoy, the number of ships lost changed to 2 out of 100 ships.

A system of ships organized for protection is called a what?


What did convoy system do?

The convoy system was used to prtect American ships carrying materials to Great Britain in 1940 and 1941. These merchant ships were protected by American Warships.

What is a synonym for convoy system?

Some of the synonym for convoy systems are group, fleet, cavalcade, motorcade, cortège, caravan, line, train.

The convoy system helped decrease?

the attack on shipped goods

Was the convoy system an effective defensive stratgy?

The convoy system was an improvement but it was not perfect. Since the U Boats were underwater it was still hard to protect all the ships. But, they had little choice but to use the convoy system. They did not have the technology we have today to find subs so the convoys were as effective as they could be given that the U Boats would strike in the dark.

What is the collective noun for convoy?

The collective noun 'convoy' is used for a convoy of lorries, a convoy of trucks.

How did the convoy system avoid you-boat attacks?

The convoy system helped avoid U-boat attacks due to its sheer size, and the difficulty that U-boats had when positioning to attack a large number of ships.

Where is the Convoy Branch in Convoy located?

The address of the Convoy Branch is: 116 E. Tully St., Convoy, 45832 9999

Using the the British were able to limit their number of losses of ships?

Convoy system

The convoy system helped decrease what?

. . . submarine attacks upon merchant ships .

Using the British were able to limit their number of losses of ship?

the convoy system

Us naval leader that developed convoy system?

William S. Sims

What did US use to overcome the threat of Germany you-boats?

Convoy system

What did the convoy system help decrease in World War 1?

Yuno yourself

How did the Allies react to German U-boat attacks?

they used the convoy system

The convoy system instituted in May 1917?

cut merchant marine losses greatly

What tactics did the allies use to protect their shipping from German you-boats?

Convoy system

What is a group of lorries called?

a convoy

What is the phone number of the Convoy Branch in Convoy?

The phone number of the Convoy Branch is: 419-749-4000.

What is a sentence with the word convoy?

A convoy is a series of trucks or wagons traveling together. Here are some sentences.The convoy took ten minutes to pass our house.The trucker joined the convoy headed for New England."Looks like we got us a convoy." (from the song "Convoy")

What part of speech is the word convoy?

Convoy is a noun.