What was the cost of groceries in 1776?

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Take the amount of dollars you spend on groceries now and divide that by the spot price of gold per ounce. Then multiply that amount by 20 ($20 an ounce of gold in 1776 more or less). So let's say you spent $4000 a year on goceries now, then the equivalent cost in 1776 would be $4000/$899 (spot gold price per ounce as of Jan 23 2009) = 4.44. Take 4.44 multiply by $20 = $88 per year for food in 1776. The higher cost of food now is soley due to the inflation of prices caused when the dollar went off the gold standard in 1932 or so during the FDR administration. Until that time, prices had been mostly stable for the past 100 years. Since then, prices have risen between 5% to 7% per year (on average) due to a paper fiat currency issued by the private bak called the Federal Reserve Bank.
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How much do Baby Back ribs cost at the grocery store?

Depends on the store, of course, but it's around $10-12 per pound, uncooked. Pork Baby Back Ribs at my Butcher in SW Michigan, USA are only $2.99 Lb. Remember this is the World Wide Web not your Neighborhood Web , cost in other area and countries will vary. Prices will vary from season to se ( Full Answer )

How much did flintlock firearms cost in 1776?

The American Revolution predated mass produced manufacture of firearms with exception of The Royal Endfield Armoury in England. The Brown Bess smoothbore musket of .72 calibre was the most common weapon used on both sides of the conflict, the American militias having been issued them during the Fren ( Full Answer )

How much would it cost for a stamped original bicentennial era 1776-1976?

There were dozens of stamps issued to celebrate the Bicentennial. You will need to consult the catalogs and do some research. Most libraries will have a copy of Scott's Postage Stamp Catalog of the World. First of all, you have to identify the specific stamp or card. That in itself can be a daunting ( Full Answer )

Average Cost per bag groceries?

depends how expensive the food is. if it's all pre-made and packaged I'd guess around 20-25. if it's all fresh produce and ingredients probably 15-20.

Cost of groceries in 1970?

The cost of groceries in 1970 was much less than it is today. Forinstance, potatoes were only 10 cents per pound, tomatoes were 99cents for 4 pounds, and sugar was 40 cents for 5 pounds in 1970.

How much do groceries cost?

it really all depends where you live .. some grocery stores are expensive & some arent.

How much did a newspaper cost in 1776?

Newspapers of that time could not be bought individually- only by yearly subscription. The going rate was $2 a year- with $1 paid up front, and the remainder due before the end of the year. Newspapers were printed weekly.

What are average Grocery costs in 2001?

A dozen eggs were priced around $0.90 USD. Pound sizes of coffee orbacon averaged over $3.00 USD. Bread costs totaled $1.85 USD.

How much did a rifle cost in 1776?

Most firearms were muskets, and cost 1 Pound Sterling. There were a few rifles, such as the Ferguson, but they were very pricey- about 4 Pounds. But to keep this in perspective- a Pound ($5 Continential Dollars) was a good part of a year's wages for many people at that time.

What is Grocery?

ANS1> . Commodities sold by the grocer is grocery. The grocery items are used for cooking or health purpose. Example: chilli powder, garlick, turmeric, tamarind, dals, rice items, soap etc. etc. We can say so many items as grocery. If you want to know more about it , go to a grocery shop and find ou ( Full Answer )

What are groceries?

groceries are the things you buy at the store that's dealing with food or drinks.

How much did a house cost in 1776?

It is difficult to give an exact figure, due to a number of factors. For one, some people who built houses already owned the land-- they were wealthy merchants or upper-class elites and the land was in their family. If a person had to purchase the land in addition to building the house, this would a ( Full Answer )

How much did a musket cost in 1776?

The cost of muskets varied greatly because of the revolutionary war. The best average is around $12 which was a considerable amount of money then. Guns were relatively expensive then because they were in short supply with the government often buying them out of stock. They could occasionally be obta ( Full Answer )

What is grocery cost for one month for one person?

I live alone and spend about 240.00 a month on food. That breaks down to 60.00 a week. I don't buy a lot of junk food or soft drinks. This is fruit, vegatables, and meat.

How much does butter cost at a grocery store?

Depends where you live. In Puget Sound, butter costs from $1.50 per pound up to more than $10 per pound for imported, organic or specialty butters. Average range for butter on sale is $1.50/lb to $3.00/lb. In Hawaii, the cheapest butter is about $2.50 per pound. Average range for butter is $3 to $ ( Full Answer )

Monthly cost for groceries?

Lately, for two people, I'm spending about $400 per month. This does not include eating out or having takeout 2 nights a week on average.

How much do groceries cost for one person?

It totally depends on what you plan to eat, where you live and where you shop. If you shop at a discount store- watch for sales and cook meals ahead and eat left overs, you could get away with as little as 40 dollars a week. Now, I know that you said ONE person, me and my boyfriend are TWO- we eat ( Full Answer )

What would happen if the price went up what would happen to the cost of groceries?

Your question is kind of vague, so I'm going to make a few assumptions. I am going to assume that prices are going up because of a devaluation of the currency (more often called inflation). The cost of groceries would likely rise significantly faster than the cost of other goods and services, If ( Full Answer )

What are some costs and benefits of being a patriot in 1776?

Some cost are you are the foe of king geroge 3. Some benefits are you could rebel to unfair taxes. also you could be an express rider. an express rider is some1 that delivers letters to other patriots in other states

What was the cost of foods in 1776?

The cost of foods in India is too low at that time... We now bought 1kg rice minimum in 20INR IN THAT TIME IT COSTS 2-3INR

How do you determine what groceries should cost on average per month?

Groceries have a large range in price. Depending on if you buy organic, gluten-free, and other types of more expensive speciality groceries, you can rack up more than $1000 per month in food. And it also depends on how many people you're feeding!

Is there any way to lower your average grocery cost per month?

Start shopping at club stores like Sam's Club or Costco to purchase foods in bulk. Things like peanut butter do not go bad for a long time so you won't have to purchase them over and over. Shopping at discount grocery stores like Aldi will likely lower your cost, too.

What is the average grocery cost per person?

The average grocery cost per person ranges from $50 a week to $100 a week. These factors depend on the amount the person eats, and the deals that they find available at different supermarkets.

If you have a family of five what should your estimated grocery cost be?

Depending on the ages of the kids, a family of five, on average can estimate to spend $125-$175 per week. That may be more or less depending on the ages of the children. Formula and babyfood along with diapers and wipes can drive up that total by another $50 easy.

Why would anyone use a grocery cost calculator?

Some people use it because they want to figure out how much the total without going over. It would suck having to go to a ATM because you dont have enough money. However you can always write checks tho

What is a grocery cost caculator?

A grocery cost calculator is a tool that can help you save money on grocery purchases, by calculating the unit price of grocery items for comparison between brands.

Does the USDA offer a grocery cost estimator on their website?

The USDA offers 4 meal plans ( low, thrify, moderate, and liberal). Each plan tells you the nutritional value of the food. It also gives you prices. The prices of based on the nations average. It even breaks it down into monthly cost.

Where can you find a good grocery cost estimator calculator?

Buying from grocery stores always leads to worries about costs. Save your receipts as they indicate the general trend of costs over a weekly or monthly basis. Also, Dooley's Doodles grocery list calculator is a popular one.

How does a grocery cost estimator work?

A grocery cost estimator is used to calculate one's average grocery bill and track food expenses. Costs are calculated, in part, by assigning standard values to different food products (e.g., meat, produce, frozen foods).

Where can you find a grocery cost estimator online?

There are quite a few grocery cost estimators online, that use information such as the number of people in your household and their ages and genders to calculate what you should be spending on groceries each week. Iowa State University has a calculator available online, as does eHow.

What did groceries cost in 1976?

The cost of groceries in 1976 was much lower than they are now in 2013. Bread was about 25 cents a loaf, milk was about $1.68 per gallon and a dozen eggs cost about 82 cents.

How much does sampling a product in grocery stores cost?

There is no cost to the consumer for sampling a product in agrocery store, assuming you're refering to a sample that is offeredby the supermarket. If you help yourself to a sample, such as apiece of produce, the store can charge you for the product you'veeaten, ask you to leave the store, or charge ( Full Answer )

How much did a pair of boots cost in 1776?

The answer to this question is impossible to answer. Things likeboots were not mass made and were made to order by a cobbler for aparticular person. They also would have been paid for using theBritish currency of 1776 the pound sterling. The boots would havetaken about 6 months for delivery to the p ( Full Answer )