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The United States was the only country with any resources to lend out during World War Two, which is how it got the name 'the arsenal of democracy'. Even though Austraila was an English colony, or commonwealth, England had no resources available which were not tied up in its own defense.

2006-09-11 07:46:09
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Q: What was the country did Australia rely on for defense in World War 2?
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One major effect was that Australia found out that it could not rely on the UK for defense. During the war Australia built up its relationship with the US, a power that could guarantee (more or less) Australia's security. Australia also had a big hand in the war with its troops serving in Europe and the Pacific with distinction...regardless of what Douglas MacArthur thought. This gave the Australian people and government some confidence after the war and they took a bigger role in the affairs of their region since then. Tha ladies were able to find heaps of jobs because during the world war they would have had to do stuff liek run shops and banks. They had to do that stuff because they were the only ones to do it. The women had a big role in the war and that was a big effect. the major effects on Australia from world war 2 was that aus learnt to defend itself better than also created heaps and heaps of jobs so hardly any1 was left out.

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