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Q: What was the culture like in 1918?
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What are the release dates for Scientific Rose Culture - 1918?

Scientific Rose Culture - 1918 was released on: USA: 22 April 1918

German culture in 1914-1918?

Prussian Military Culture. (i didn't spell Russia wrong, its Prussian in this situation) hope this helps a little bit :S

What was the Jumanos culture like?

how was the jumano culture like.

What is the culture in Bulgaria like?

a very good European culture. nothing like the US culture...!! Very different.

What is Vietnam's culture?

what is vietnam's culture like

What culture is in southern colonies?

What was the southern culture like?

When did Wexford last win football all Ireland?


Is deaf a culture?

deaf is not a culture, it is a physical handicap. a culture is something like the greeks.

What is the African culture like?

The African culture is a very diffrent culture to any others

What is the culture of the Navajo?

Navajo culture, just like Germans have German culture and people in Japan have Japanese culture.

How was the Chavin culture like the Olmec culture?

They were both like mother cultures for civilizations that came after them.

What actors and actresses appeared in Just Like Dad - 1918?

The cast of Just Like Dad - 1918 includes: Dorothy Dane Bobby Vernon

What is the culture like in Somalia?

Islamic-Afro-Arabian culture

What do you like most about American culture Why?

because its my culture and thats why

What is different from your culture and the Jamaican culture?

in japan things like rules are different Jamaican culture

What was the culture like in southern Africa before imperialism?

What was the culture like in southeren Africa before imperialism?

What movie and television projects has Dorothy Dane been in?

Dorothy Dane has: Performed in "By Orange Aid" in 1918. Performed in "Marriage by Proxy" in 1918. Performed in "Red Crossed" in 1918. Performed in "Three Hours Late" in 1918. Performed in "The House That Jack Built" in 1918. Performed in "Some Cave Man" in 1918. Performed in "Just Plain Folks" in 1918. Performed in "Just Like Dad" in 1918. Performed in "Their Breezy Affair" in 1918. Performed in "Some Romeo" in 1918. Performed in "All Dressed Up" in 1918. Performed in "Here Comes the Groom" in 1918. Performed in "Why Husbands Flirt" in 1918. Performed in "Love and a Gold Brick" in 1918.

How is Ghana culture different from Jamaican culture?

cause ghana's culture is not really high like jamaica's

Culture in United Kingdom?

The culture is the UK is much like ours

What was the Comanche Indians culture like?

The Comanche Indians culture was brutal

What is the culture like in Egypt?

how do you describe the culture of the Egypt as express the art

Is Hip Hop a Sport or a Culture?

It's more like a culture.

What is the Antarctic culture like?

There is no 'culture' on Antarctica, since there are no nations on the continent.

What actors and actresses appeared in Like Mother Made - 1918?

The cast of Like Mother Made - 1918 includes: Cullen Landis as Jack Billie Rhodes as Mary

What is the culture like in Hawaii?

The culture is very pretty and diffrent from anyother you will not find one the same like hawaii.!