What was the currency during 1580?

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gold and silver
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What was the German currency during World War 2?

German Currency in World War 2 . The currency was the Reichsmark (RM), which had replaced the inflationary currecny of 1919-23. In the later stages of World War 2 and the first few months after the war, the Reichsmark lost about 80-85% of its value. As a result many people lost most of their savi ( Full Answer )

Will a 4.4 GPA and sat score of 1580 get you into UVA?

Answer . According to the website, the University has no minimum SAT or GPA score, but the average SAT of the last freshman class was 1280-1490. Visit http://www.virginia.edu/undergradadmission/profile.html for more information.

What did William Shakespeare do for a living between 1580 and 1582?

What he did during this time was unknown. It was before he was famous, thus there was no recorded history of him during this time. Yes, he had previously married Anne Hathaway to this time, and left Stratford-upon-Avon on a supposed case of theft.

What is the Philippine currency during World War 2?

During World War II, the Japanese issued Military Gumpyo Pesos (PHJ) at par with the Philippine Peso which continued to circulate; however, Philippine forces had withdrawn into the jungle, and issued their own Guerilla Pesos (PHG), redeemable in paper Pesos after the war was over. The Japanese made ( Full Answer )

How do you value Currency?

A currency is value according to its rate of exchange or whatbuyers are willing to pay for it. There are two methods of exchangein which to do this - the floating exchange rate, and the peggedexchange rate.

What was the Australian currency during World War 1?

The Australian currency had not long been established at the outbreak of WW1 in 1914 and there was still many British coins in circulation. The Australian currency from 1910 to 1966 was based on the British Imperial system of Pounds, Shillings and Pence. 12 Pence to the Shilling and 20 Shillings to ( Full Answer )

What is a currency?

Currency is a means of measuring the value of any item in a country. For example in India the cost of petrol is Rs. 49/- per litre which means in Indian currency one litre of petrol is worth 49 units. similarly in the US it is Dollar, in Europe it is Euro etc.. Or it could be simply be said as m ( Full Answer )

What us president that died during a war is pictured on us currency?

John Kennedy appears on the seldom seen half-dollar and you might say that he died during the Vietnam War although the US was not heavily involved in the war when he died. Abraham Lincoln who is on the 1-cent coin and the $5 bill died about a week after the Civil War ended.

What was a gold coin used as trade currency during World War 1 called?

The only WW1 Trade coinage I can find a reference to is from Britain and they were silver. The Trade coins were not struck for domestic use, but were only for trade in the Orient. They were called "One Dollar".. The obverse had a standing Britannia and the reverse had oriental designs on a stylised ( Full Answer )

Where did shakespeare go in 1580?

We know almost nothing about Shakespeare's early life, but sometime in the 1580's he seems to arrive in London and begin to work as a playwright. We do not know whether he traveled to London from Stratford upon Avon, where he grew up, or whether he had lived somewhere else in the meantime.

How did London in the 1580s affect Shakespeare?

No-one truly knows what happened to Shakespeare at this time but we know that he was still in Stratford as late as 1585 when the twins were born. After that we know nothing until he pops up in London in 1592. For all we know, Shakespeare never lived in London in the 1580s.

What twas the greatet empire the world had ever known in 1580?

The largest empire theworld had ever known up to 1580 was the Mongol Empire (1206-1368)which covered an area of 12.74 million square miles. This empire isthe second largest one in history after the British Empire (13.01million square miles) The largest empire in1580 was the Ming Empire of China ( ( Full Answer )

What is the currency of Denver?

Denver is in Norfolk, in the UK, 2 Km south of of Downham Market. In the UK the currency is the pound sterling . Denver is in Colorado, USA. It's currency is the US dollar.

What is the Norwegian currency?

The Norwegian currency is Kroner. "1 Krone" can be split into "100 øre". There is both coins and notes. The coins are 50 øre, 1 krone, 5 kroner, 10 kroner and 20 kroner. The notes are 50 kroner, 100 kroner, 200 kroner, 500 kroner and 1 000 kroner.

What type of currency was used during Beowulf's time?

The various Germanic tribes of Beowulf's era (6th century AD) would not have had a centralized currency. The use of gold/silver rings as geld within the social machinate of comitatus was a common practice, as was the appropriation of Carolingian, Roman, Gothic &c. coin types. Indeed, the text of Beo ( Full Answer )

What is the currency of Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is not a nation, it is a city, the capital of Denmark. The national currency of Denmark is the Danish Krone .

Can a bank in India change the rate of interest during the currency of a term deposit with them?

No. The rate of interest on a term deposit (Fixed Deposit) cannot be changed during the duration of the deposit. For Ex: you deposit Rs. 10000/- on Jan 1 st 2011 with a bank in India at 8% rate of interest for a period of 1 year. Even if the deposit rates change to let's say 7.5% a few weeks after ( Full Answer )

When is a currency pegged to another currency?

Countries try to stabilize their export competitiveness by living under a fixed exchange rate regime sometimes called a pegged currency or exchange rate. The central bank has to sell or buy its own currency to stabilize its external trading value against the currency of its trading partners. Chin ( Full Answer )

What types of currency were used during the Civil War?

Gold, Silver, coins, IOU's (paper currency). Both the Confederate's and Union used these items. The British were backing the South. The Union was having a difficult time getting backing, due to the British Bankers. President Lincoln came up with "green backs", this is why the back of the five dollar ( Full Answer )

Why might people distrusted the value of paper currency issued by the continental congress during the revolutionary war?

The currency wasn't actually backed by anything other than the government's assertion that it was, in fact, money. This is, essentially, the same situation we have now, but at the time fiat money was a novel concept. Also, the government made no real efforts to reduce or even maintain stable the amo ( Full Answer )

Did various kinds of currency inhibit trade in rome during the height of rome?

No, not in the least. In the Roman empire itself the money was standardized. When dealing with foreign currency, the Romans had bankers or money changers called "argtentari". These men were responsible for the exchange of coins among other things. No, not in the least. In the Roman empire itself th ( Full Answer )

What is the currency and currency symbol of japan?

The currency in Japan is the "Yen" and its code is JPY and its symbol is "Y " having one or two parallel horizontal lines over it. sorry i can not attach image here, otherwise I would have. No need for an image. Here is the yen symbol: ¥ (Alt+ 0165) from your keyboard, using the numeric ( Full Answer )

What type of math did they use in 1580?

At the end of the 16th Century, they had all the math you're likely to have access to throughout elementary school and high school and into college, except for calculus. All of the arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.

Can a 1580 watt microwave be connected to a 15 amp circuit?

Yes, if the manufacturer installed a parallel blade 15 amp rating cap on the end of the cord then just plug it in. The circuit that you plug into should be a dedicated circuit (nothing else on the circuit) because the amperage will be 13 amps at 120 volts.

What is the currency exchange for Indian currency?

There is no way to determine one currency's exchange rate. To find out what is the value of one currncy it has to be compare to another currency. For example, you can check what is the exchange rate of the Indian currency (INR) in comparison the US Dollar (USD). Currently the USD/INR is worth 55.5

What currency was used during the black death?

During the time of the Black Death, most countries in Western Europe were using coins based on the old Roman denarius. In France, this was called a denier, and in England it was a penny. It was a small silver coin. The coins most commonly used in the Byzantine Empire were copper or bronze. Many oth ( Full Answer )

What was Rome currency during Roman times?

The Romans had many coins. These also changed over time. . The main coins during the Republic were the denarius (in silver), sestertius (silver) dupondius (brass) and as (bronze). There were also five other coins of smaller value. . Emperor Augustus introduced the aureus (gold), and the quinarius ( Full Answer )