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Everybody, including the children, worked hard. The early settlers were farmers, fishermen, ship builders and many worked in the iron industry. Peope in the conly would cook, clean, make clothing, teach and attend school.

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Why was Rhode Island made?

Rhode Island was made for british colonies to start a new life in north America

What was life in rhode island?

Colonial life in Rhode Island was hard. Winters were harsh. The soil was rocky, and poor. It was not well suited to growing crops.

What is the social life like in colonial Rhode Island?

the social life in rhode island is farming, and lots of other stuff that you will have to look up. but it is mostly about farming.

How did Roger Williams affect life in Rhode Island?

they started new settlements that joined to form the rhode island colony

What was life like for Rhode Island settlers?


What was the economic life of Rhode Island?

It is Usually Beer

How was daily life in the colony of Rhode Island?

Men gathered firewood for fire and women sewed blankets and quilts. The women also cooked and took care of the children. what daily life was like in the colony of rhode island was hardworking children had to learn from their grand parents their dads worked on prairies and their mothers knitted sweaters and blankets for a job boring Try looking at the material at the link below.

Colonial life in Rhode Island?

you tell us it sucked

What were the living conditions in Rhode Island in 1700?

Life was hard

Do state judges have life tenure?

Rhode Island judges do.

What is the life expectancy of Rhode Island?

76.5 years approx!

What plant and animal life in Rhode Island?

humans and grass

How many years is life sentence for murder in rhode island?

the rest of there life the rest of there life

Life in colonial Rhode Island?

People in colonial rhode island would cook, clean, make clothing, farm, go to school or be taught by parents.

What was everyday life like in the Rhode Island Colony in the 1700s?


Why was life hard for the colonists on Long island?

life was hard for the colonists on long island because people had to grow their own food,make their own clothes,and build their own houses.

What were the reasons settlers went to the Rhode Island colony?

Setllers went to rhode island because they went to inhabit new lands have a better life and be also free.

What are the key aspirations people have in rhode island?

The people of Rhode Island desire to live a long and peaceful life. They strive to become successful financially, socially, and spiritually.

Which religion had the most influence upon the daily life of the colonists of the 17th century?


What is Brian's family life?

It's simply living with the Griffins in Quahog Rhode Island.

What is the plant life of a region?

roses and violets are state flowers of new york and rhode island

What is the average life span of a Rhode Island Red Chicken?

A well cared for Rhode Island Red chicken will live between 4 and 8 years. There have been some chickens known to survive a decade or longer.

What was the way of life in colonial Rhode Island?

People gathered fire wood to fuel the fire. Women cooked and sewed blankets and quilts. And many children learned from their elders. Rhode Island is nicknamed "The Ocean State"

How does religion play a role in everyday life-Rhode Island?

it doesn't, people have better things to do

What is the state song of Rhode Island?

The state song of Rhode Island is "Rhode Island, it's for Me" by Charlie Hall. Here is the lyrics to the song :I've been to every state we have,and I think I'm inclined to saythat Rhody stole my heart:You can keep the forty-nine.Herring gulls that dot the sky,blue waves that paint the rocks,water rich with Neptune's life,the boats that line the docks.I see the lighthouse flickeringto help the sailors see.There's a place for everyone:Rhode Island's It for Me.Rhode Island, oh Rhode Islandsurrounded by the sea.Some people roam the earth for home;Rhode Island's It for Me.I love the fresh October days,the buzz on College Hill,art that moves an eye to tear,a jewelers special skill.Icicles refract the sun,snow falling gracefully.Some search for a place that's warm:Rhode Island's It for Me!Rhode Island, oh Rhode Islandsurrounded by the sea.Some people roam the earth for home;Rhode Island's It for Me.The skyline piercing Providence,the State House dome so rare.residents who speak their minds;no longer unaware!Roger Williams would be proud to see his colony,so don't sell short this precious port:Rhode Island's It for Me!Rhode Island, oh Rhode Islandsurrounded by the sea.Some people roam the earth for home;Rhode Island's It for Me.Rhode Island, oh Rhode Islandsurrounded by the sea.Some people roam the earth for home;

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