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Answer to Abe Lincoln's date of deathApril 15, 1865 He was shot April 14, 1865 by John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theatre.
April 15, 1865
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Q: What was the date of Abe Lincolns death?
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What was Lincolns nickname?

Honest Abe

What was lincolns nick name?

Honest Abe

What is Abe Lincolns favorite color?


Abraham Lincolns nickname?

Abe Linkey

What was the name of Abe Lincoln's dad?

Abe Lincolns dads name was Thomas Lincoln

When is Abe lincolns birthday?

February 12, 1809

What was Abe lincolns middle name?

He did not have a middle name.

What was the name of Abe Lincolns father?

Thomas Lincoln.

Who was Abe Lincolns wife?

Mary Todd Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln date of birth and date of death?

Abe Lincoln's date of birth is February 12, 1809 date of death is April 14, 1865

How to make Abraham Lincolns mustache?

Abe did not have a mustache, he had a beard.

What are Lincolns nicknames during the political campaigns?

Honest Abe

Lincolns grandfather was killed by who?

Abe Lincoln's grandfather was shot by Indians.

What is Abe Lincolns middle name?

Lincoln was not given a middle name.

What were lincolns nicknames during the civil war?

honest Abe is one of them

What was lincolns date and cause of his death?

He died April 15,1865 because James Booth shot him

What was Abraham Lincolns slogan?

Honest Abe, the Rail splitter, the great emancipator, Uncle Abe, the Tycoon, the Ancient One, the Great Ape

When did Abraham Lincolns birth mother die?

Abraham Lincolns birth mother Nancy Lincoln died on October 5, 1818, when Abe was 10.

What was Abe lincolns moms name?

Nancy real mom Sarah step mom

When did Abe lincolns dad marry Sarah bush Johnson?

December 2, 1819.

What was the name of Abe lincolns mother?

Real Mother: Nancy Step Mother: Sarah

What year did Abraham Lincolns get elected?

Abe Lincoln got elected in November of 1861

What was Abraham Lincolns nick name?

"Honest Abe" is one commonly heard Lincoln nickname.

What else did Mary Lincoln do besides being a nurse in the civil war?

she was Abe Lincolns wife

How tall is Abe Lincolns hat?

Lincoln's hat was 12" tall or one foot tall.