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The first Olympic games occurred in Greece in 776 BC. The first Olympic games did not have many events and only Greek men were allowed to compete.


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the first ancient Olympics where head in grease

Conventionally, the ancient Olympic games began in 776 B.C., the origins of the ancient Olympics go back to a time that is not well-documented, and so the actual date of the first Olympics is disputed.

it was in the ancient greece the first olympics

Ancient Greeks competed in the first olympics.

The first ever olympics were held in 776bc

Greece is first in the Olympics because Greece is where the Olympics started in ancient times.

The same as they had in the ancient olympics

In ancient athens, we are forsure about that.

Both the first ancient Olympics and the first modern Olympics were held in Greece.

the Ancient olympics i think started on the 16th of June 776bc i am not sure of this answer

The first official 'modern Olympics' were held in 1896 in Athens, Greece. The modern Olympics origianted from the 'ancient Olympics' first held in 776 BC till 393 AD in Ancient Olympia in Greece.

I am not sure when the actually date is but i know the year was 776 B.C.

The 1896 Olympics, the very first modern Olympics. but then again, the ancient Greece Olympics too.

776 B.C. it was started and recorded

The first recorded Greek Olympics was in 776 BCE.

The ancient Olympics are said to begin around the year 776BC.

The first year of the Olympics was in 776 BC held in Olympia, Greece. The exact date is not known.

April 6, 1896 1896 Summer Olympics, Start date

what was the only athletic event at the first ancient olympic games?

The first Olympics where held in Olympia in ancient Greece in 776 BC

Chariot racing, running, and discus were among the events played in the ancient olympics.

The ancient Olympics begin on 776 BC

The ancient Olympics were held at Olympia, the first modern games were at Athens.

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