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in the spanish monkeys of new york

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When did William Penn found Philadelphia?

when did William Penn establish Pennsylvania?well here's the answer...... he found it in 1682!

Who found philadelphia in the 1600s?

William Penn

Who found phialdelphia?

William penn and other Quakers founded Pennsylvania and philadelphia philadelphia means city of brotherly love William penn and other Quakers founded Pennsylvania and philadelphia philadelphia means city of brotherly love

What colony was found by the Quaker?

William Penn founded Pennsylvania and the city of Philadelphia.

What is the name of the country Penn William as born from?

William Penn as born in England. He as the American hero that found Philadelphia and saved them from the mean England king.

Who named his colony's chief city Philadelphia?

William Penn did cause his last name is PENNWilliam Penn.

Who named Philadelphia?

William Penn

Founder of Philadelphia?

William Penn.

Who was Philadelphia founded by?

William Penn.

Who colonized Philadelphia?

William Penn

Who planed Philadelphia?

William Penn

How philadelphia grew?

william penn

When was Philadelphia officially chartered by William Penn?

The earliest settlement that is recognizable today is Philadelphia, which was officially chartered in 1701 by William Penn.

Is William penn a Pennsylvania hero?

I would say so to the residents of Philadelphia. William Penn was the founder of Philadelphia and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Did Benjamin Franklin or William Penn name his colony's chief city Philadelphia?

William Penn

Who founded Philadelphia?

William Penn founded the city of Philadelphia.

Where did William Penn was the proprietor of Pennsylvania and what colony?

Penn established Philadelphia

Why did William penn found pennsylvaina?

William penn in fact did not even found pensylvania he found Delaware

Who founded the city of Philadelphia?

William Penn

Who first settled in philadelphia?

William penn

Who discovered Philadelphia?

William penn i think

Who founded Philadelphia and Pennsylvania?

William Penn.

Who is the founding father of Philadelphia?

William Penn.

Where is the statue of William penn?


Who found philadelphia Pennsylvania?

The founder of Philadelphia Pennsylvania was William Penn. The capital was established in 1682 and was an important and very profitable business port.