What was the designation of the Air Police Squadron attached to the 23rd Air Base Group in Danang Vietnam from 1963 to 1965?

I was an air/security policeman in Danang; January 1963 we were part of the 6222nd air base squadron, which changed to 23rd Air Base Group around June or July (?). We were not designated as an Air Police Squadron at that time, there were only about 20 air policemen there and we were just a part of the air base group. Gary Bunney bunneys@wavecable.com

Gary's answer above is correct. The Air Force assigned Air Police to protect high-value assets (generally, aircraft). Perimeter Sentry duty was the responsibility of the South Vietnamese ARVN prior to 1965, when the USMC took over a large part of the perimeter.

The 23rd ABG/AP were a part of the MAAG advisory before 1963. In 1965, the 6252nd Air Police Squdron replaced the 23rd ABG/AP. Rapid build up to 1,100 Air Police took place, and the AP squadron changed unit designation (the personnel remained in place) in 1965-1966 as follows: 23rd ABG/AP, 6252nd Air Police Squadron, 35th Air Police Squadron, 366th Security Police Squadron. Don Poss dposs@dposs.com