Black Codes
Jim Crow Laws

What was the difference between Jim crow laws and black codes?

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Black Codes were instituted in the South as a means of

regulating the activities of slaves. Black Codes were passed by

southern legislatures to regulate what ex-slaves could and could

not do. In some states, blacks were only permitted to work as

domestic servants or in agriculture. Other codes made it illegal

for blacks to live in towns and cities. Blacks were denied the

right to vote or permitted to possess firearms. The attempt of the

Black Codes to reinstate slavery following the Civil War, angered

many in the North. When Black Codes were declared unconstitutional

or removed during the period of Reconstruction, the South

reinstated them in the 19th Century in the form of laws called Jim

Crow Laws. Jim Crow was a term used to stereotype Blacks as a song

and dance man team. Eventually, Jim Crow Laws were also declared


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