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Black Codes were instituted in the South as a means of regulating the activities of slaves. Black Codes were passed by southern legislatures to regulate what ex-slaves could and could not do. In some states, blacks were only permitted to work as domestic servants or in agriculture. Other codes made it illegal for blacks to live in towns and cities. Blacks were denied the right to vote or permitted to possess firearms. The attempt of the Black Codes to reinstate slavery following the Civil War, angered many in the North. When Black Codes were declared unconstitutional or removed during the period of Reconstruction, the South reinstated them in the 19th Century in the form of laws called Jim Crow Laws. Jim Crow was a term used to stereotype Blacks as a song and dance man team. Eventually, Jim Crow Laws were also declared unconstitutional.

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What is the purpose of the fifteen amendment?

The purpose was to give former slaves the right to vote. But this did not include black women. The goverment created this amendment because people living in the South passed laws called the Jim Crow Laws. They discriminated against all blacks. The difference between these laws and Black Codes was that Jim Crow Laws involved blacks and whites and was after the Civil War, but Black codes were before the war and only involved blacks. An example of a Jim Crow Law would be one bathroom for black men and one for white men.

What are the major differences between black codes and Jim crows laws?

The Black Codes had dealt mostly with social controls, the Jim Crow laws deprived blacks of civic and political participation, established segregated educational and transportation facilities, and forbade intermarriage between blacks and whites.

Codes that allowed black people certain freedoms or placed restrictions on them were called?

Jim Crow laws.

What was the relationship between Jim Crow laws?

To seperate the black from the whites

What are some examples of Jim Crow laws?

Some examples of Jim Crow laws are segregated white and black schools, white and black stores, and white and black restaurants. Jim Crow laws were supposed to make whites and blacks separate but equal. Although they were separate they were not equal. Jim Crow laws were used to replace the black codes such as separate restrooms and drinking fountain for blacks and whites.

When was Black Crow Records created?

Black Crow Records was created in 1981.

How did the south resist reconstruction policies of the radical republicans?

By passing special laws like black codes, and the jim crow laws.

Did Black Codes allowed black people the right to vote without paying a poll tax?

No. The black codes (later to be known as Jim Crow laws) were regulations designated for freedmen. Under these codes, their economic rights were restricted, they were not allowed to vote, they weren't allowed to hold office or serve on a jury, or have a public education.

Where was the Jim Crow Law Era?

The Jim Crow Law Era existed mainly in the South and originated from the Black Codes that were enforced from 1865 to 1866 and from prewar segregation on railroad cars in northern cities.

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Jim crow laws

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