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Desert Storm was the operation that commenced actual hostile actions against the Iraqi military for the invasion and annexation of Kuwait. Desert Shield was the five month period prior in which forces were moved into position for the defense of Saudi Arabia.

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The difference between operation desert shield and operation desert storm?

Shield was the build up of military forces in Saudi Arabia; to be used when needed. Storm was the using of those built up forces; the commencement of hostilities.

What were operation desert shield and desert storm?

Desert Shield (1990) was the build up of military forces. Desert Storm (1991) was the use of those forces.

Is there a list for purple heart recipients for Desert Storm?

purple hearts awarded in desert shield storm

What year did desert shield end?

Operation Desert Shield occurred in 1990 and terminated on or about 15 January 1991 when Operation Desert STORM commenced.

War of 1994 is called what what was the date of desert shield?

Operation Desert Shield was in 1990. Operation Desert Storm only lasted 45 days (or 100 hours of actual fighting) and occurred in January and February of 1991. Desert Shield was a build up of military forces. Desert Storm was USING those military forces.

What did Operation Desert Shield become on January 16 1991?

It became Operation Desert Storm.

In 1991 gulf war was called operation desert storm but what was it called prior to 1990?

Desert Shield

What were the consequences of Operation Desert Shield?

Desert Shield in 1990 was the military build up. Desert Storm 1991, was the commencement of hostilities; which ended approximately 30 days later in Feb 1991.

The AFTB program is a direct result of lessons learned during which of the following?

Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm

How many soldiers were in desert shield?

Desert Shield (1990) was a BUILDING UP of military forces; ultimately, for Desert Storm, which occurred in January of 1991, coalition forces reached over 900,000 people.

What was operation desert storm first named before the invasion of Kuwait?

Desert Shield ; see related link below .

What were the end results of operation desert shield?

Desert Shield became Desert Storm when the bombs started to fall. The end results, Desert Shield, a holding action, allowed coalition forces to move from a defensive capability to offensive one. The end results, it was a highly successful operation.

When did Operation Desert Storm take place?

The dates for Operation Desert Shield were August 2, 1990 to February 28, 1991. The dates for Operation Desert Storm were January 17, 1991 to February 10,1991.

President Bush came to the defense of after it was invaded by Iraq in Operation Desert Shield?

Also known as "Desert storm" Kuwait was invaded by Iraq.

In what years did the Desert Storm conflict start and end?

Operation Desert Storm was conducted from January to Febuary 1991; it lasted less than 60 days. Operation Desert Shield preceeded it in 1990; the build up of military forces.

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Why did Australia get involved in the Gulf War?

The US asked Coalition Forces to join us during Operation Desert Shield in 1990, and Desert Storm in 1991.

What was Operation Desert Shield?

Operation Desert Shield was the name of the first phase of the first Gulf War. The second phase, the liberation of Kuwait, was operation Desert Storm.Operation Desert Shield (Gulf War) was the name of the deployment of allied troops to defend Saudi Arabia from possible invasion by Iraq in 1990, and formed part of the 1990-91 Gulf War.

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When was Operation Desert Storm fought?

Operation Desert Shield became Operation Desert Storm on January 15, 1991 and lasted until February 26, 1991 The conflict was never declared a War during the time which was approximately 45 days.

When did the Desert Storm conflict end?

Desert Storm ended on Feb 28th 1991. All military activities in the Persian Gulf Region after Feb 28th were part of Operation Provide Comfort. I departed to the Persian Gulf on Oct 3, 1990 and left in April of 1990 so I was in Desert Shield/Storm/Provide Comfort.

How did Operation Desert Storm breakout?

Troops were built up during Operation Desert Shield in 1990. Iraq was given an ultimatum, in which those forces would be used. On or about 15 Jan 1991, Iraq failed to respond to the ultimatum; and Desert Storm commenced...actual offensive operations.

When the storm happen in desert?

Desert Storm was Jan-Feb 1991.

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