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What was the difference between the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution?


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The Articles of Confederation created a weak central government. The Constitution created a strong central government. The Articles did not create an executive branch. Congress was a unicameral legislature. There was no federal court system under the Articles. Congress could not enforce the laws nor levy and collect taxes without the approval of the states, under the Articles. A major weakness under the Articles was its lack of power to regulate trade between the states and with foreign nations.


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The Articles of Confederation were made before the Constitution. The Articles of Confederation was lacking in many things such as balance between states, taxes, and how to ratify amendments. The Constitution solved all of these problems.

The articles of confederation were, in a way, our first constitution. The constitution; however, is a lot more detailed and takes care of a lot more things than the Articles.

The constitution actually gave power to the congress the articles did not give to much power

the difference between the constitution and the articles is thar the articles is iside the contitution [like chapters] with in the constiution ;]

What are the primary differences between the articles of confederation and the Virginia Plan?

The articles of confederation was unable to keep our country together. It didn't have the proper power to keep people under control and peaceful. The constitution kept everything fair, organized, and our country united.

While the President in the Constitution has many powers than the President had in the Articles of Confederation, both plans of government had a president. There really werenot very many similarities at all between the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution that replaced them.

In the articles of confederation, a state had the option of accepting or rejecting a particular law. With the constitution, a state accepts the decision of congress. With the constitution, the federal government is the final authority in disputes between states or in disputes between states and the federal government.

The Articles of Confederation had the power to settle disputes between states, but let the states make their own constitution/laws

The difference is that the US constitution, has articles and the declaration doesn't.

The Federal Constitution has 7 articles and the Illinois Constitution has 14 The articles are named differently.

The Constitution established rules of legal cooperation between states in Article IV. Nothing like that was outlined in the Articles of Confederation. The Constitution also set standards for trade and money between the states. The Articles of Confederation had allowed the states to act basically as independent countries in regards to this.

The articles of confederation were the first attempt at government in the US. The only problem is the federal government had no power to make states do anything. The constitution gave congress explicit powers and ways to enforce them.

The articles of confederation ended when the Constitutional Convention met to revise them, they ended up starting fresh with the Constitution. The reason they started fresh with the Constitution is because originally, Congress wanted to grant itself more powers to regulate commerce between states and foreign nations. They were unable to get unanimous support for this, as required by the Articles of Confederation. So, rather than abide by the rules of the Articles of Confederation, which were too inconvenient, the Constitution was drafted to replace it.

The Constitution split the government power between the national government, and the state governments. The articles only gave power to the state governments.

the original loose agreement between the 13 states following independence, they were replaced by the constitution

Both were trying to stay away from a government like Britain's

There was an executive under the Articles of Confederation, but he was a mere figurehead and he had no power, unlike the current President. The president under the Articles was elected by the Continental Congress instead of the Electoral College.

if my facts are straight this is the answer: The Constitution provided for a strong central government with an elected executive, a powerful legislature, and the appointment of judges; the Articles provided only for a legislative branch.

Broadly speaking Federalists were those who favored adopting the new Constitution in 1787 whereas anti-federalists would have preferred to stick with the articles of confederation.

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