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Nothing. The Globe Theatre was one of the Elizabethan theatres. Think of "Elizabethan" as a time or type, not an actual theatre with that name.

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Similarities between Globe Theatre and fortune Elizabethan theater?

e globe theatre was more advanced

What is the difference between an Elizabethan theater and a modern day theater?

none of you business

Differences between Elizabethan Theater and modern theatre?

They were exactly the same but they used flying pigs in elizabethan ones

How many seats did the Elizabethan Theater have?

The answer is the Elizabethan Theatre had 2302 seats

Kinds of theater?

athenian theater, medieval theater, Elizabethan theater, and panoramic theater the difference between the four is their architectural design only

What is the difference between theater and theater?

People in the theatre world tend to spell it "theatre" and those who are not spell it "theater." The basic difference as it was explained to me by one of my theatre professors in college is: Theatre is the art form and Theater is the building. Example- I am going to the Kodak Theater to see a theatre performance. Also, theatre is the (British) English spelling of the word theater.

What was the Elizabethan theater?

The Elizabethan Theater was a popular theatre during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, frequently featuring plays by William Shakespeare.

Is the orb a famous Elizabethan Theater?

No. The name of the theatre was The Globe.

What was the difference between theater and theater?

They're spelt differentTheatre is the British spelling. Theater is American.

How did the Elizabethan theater influence Shakespeare?

by not giving up when the puritans tried to wipe out all Elizabethan theatre

Why did Elizabethan Theater have trap doors?

The Elizabethan theatre had trap doors for dramatic entrances during the preformances of plays.

Write an essay on the Elizabethan Theater?

The shakespearian theatre "The Globe Theatre" is in Bankside,London SE1.It is an exact replica of the original Elizabethan open-air theatre where William Shakespear put on his plays.

What were three similarities between the Greek theatre and the Elizabethan Theater?

round in structural formhad an orchestra and a skeneperformed during the day

What is the difference between a modern time theater and a Tudor time theater?

The Tudor time theatre had electric lights and the modern time theatre has electric lights

What effect did the puritans have on Elizabethan Theater?

They found many problems within Elizabethan theatre that clashed with their 'pure life or way of life'

What is the difference between A Theatreand The Theatre?

The theater is a performing art form whose performances usually take place in a theater.

What is the difference between modern theater and ancient china theater?

the modern theatre has concert seats and the ancient has pillow and comfortable seats.

What did the Elizabethan theatre look like?

Elizabethan theater involved several theater companies of actors and playwrights. In London the globe theater was in use and Shakespeare was performing his works. There were no female actresses during Elizabethan times, instead young teenage boys would play female roles.

How was the Elizabethan theater physically different to the theater today?

It was what is referred to as theatre-in-the-round - the stage stood in the centre of the building, with the audience all around.

What are the other names of Elizabethan Theater?

Strictly speaking the Elizabethan Theatre was the theatre during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England 1558-1603. The Shakespearean Theatre was the theatre during the career of William Shakespeare, being 1590-1613 more or less. As you see, there was a lot of Elizabethan Theatre before Shakespeare got started and he also did a lot of work after her death, during the period of the Jacobean Theatre. The Elizabethan and Jacobean periods are sometimes called English Renaissance Theatre.

Was the globe an elizabethan theater?

Yes. The Globe was and is William Shakespeare's theatre, although a replica of it had to be rebuilt later.

The role of audience in Elizabethan theater?

The audience's role in any kind of theatre is to hear and see the play.

What is Shakespeare theater?

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre is a reproduction of an Elizabethan Theatre built in 1996. It stands on the south bank of the Thames River in London, England.

Why was the Elizabethan theater built?

"The Elizabethan Theatre" is a phrase which does not refer to a building, but rather to an artistic period. It means the plays, playwrights, actors, performance styles, and production details from England in the late sixteenth century. The Elizabethan Theatre is the theatrical world of that time. Of course, a specific building might be named the Elizabethan Theatre, but if you are talking about that you should refer to the city or town where the building is built.

What was the most famous Elizabethan theater?

The Globe Theatre. The Globe Theater is famous because most of the plays by William Shakespeare (1564-1616) were first performed there.

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