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What was the dominant religion in colonial South Carolina?

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Protestantism was the dominant religion in colonial South Carolina, because at that time the Pope had been thrown out of the Church of England by Henry VIII and held no power amongst the royalty. More specifically, the South was Congregationalist, a form of Protestantism.
The answer is probably Christianity {I hope this answer helps!}

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What religion was dominant in South Carolina?


What was the dominant religion in South Carolina in the early 1700s?

The dominant religion in the South Carolina colony in the 1700s was Anglican. There were other faiths in existence there and all religions were mostly tolerated.

What was the main religion in colonial South Carolina?


How was the religion in South Carolina in the colonial times?

Religion was very good during Colonial times. As it is today.

What kind of religion did colonial South Carolina have?

Protestant christianity.

Colonial period of South Carolina religion?

Slavery and cotton.

Is the dominant religion of South America Catholicism?

Yes, the dominant religion is Catholicism in South America.

What religion was practiced in South Carolina?

what religion was practiced in South Carolina

What is the dominant religion of south west Asia?

the dominant religion is Islam

What were the beliefs of the colonial South Carolina?

The common religious belief was Anglican, but they believed in freedom of religion (belief.)

What was the religion in South Carolina in 1700?

The religion of the Natives in South Carolina in the 1700 was called Animism.

What are facts about colonial South Carolina?


What type of government did colonial South Carolina have?

The government in colonial South Carolina is a proprietery colony.They were proprietary like North Carolina, but later became a royal colony.

What are the 5 colonial colonies in the south?

Maryland Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia

What were the people of colonial South Carolina?

They were Dutch.

Colonial food South Carolina?

i can not tell you

Where was colonial South Carolina located?

in the southern

What region was colonial South Carolina?


Were there slaves in Colonial South Carolina?

Yes, there were.

What did colonial South Carolina wear?


When did colonial South Carolina become a royal colony?

South Carolina became a royal colony in 1729.

What buildings were there in Colonial South Carolina?

in South Carolina there were mainly plantations so lots of big houses.

Why was South Carolina started?

for religion

What religions were practiced in colonial South Carolina?


Who could vote in Colonial South Carolina?