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A draft, more formally known as a conscription, is when the United States Armed Forces begins requiring that people enlist. World War 2 was an extensive war and being that the military needed more manpower to fight it, the US Government began drafting young men.

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Q: What was the draft for World War 2?
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Was there a draft for World War 2?


Did Canada have the draft in world war 2?


What was the World War 2 draft age in america?

Men in America were drafted into the military during World War 2. The age for the draft was between 18 and 64.

What wars did they use conscription draft?

World war 1 and world war 2.

Was there a draft during World War 2?


Draft age world war 2?


What did they do in world war 2 when they ran out of people?


Did England have a draft for World War 2?


Name two wars in which the draft was used?

World War 1 and World War 2.

How did the draft for World War 2 help the war?

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Was there a draft between World War 2 and the Vietnam war?

Yes, it was continuous.

Was there a draft for Canadians during world war 2?

Yes. The draft is now illegal in Canada

When did the draft in world war 2 end?

The draft continued un-interrupted, ending only after the Vietnam War ended in 1973.

Was the military draft used in World War 2?


Were draft exemptions discotinued during World War 2?


How were men recruited in world war 2?

90% by the draft

Was there a draft before world war 2?

Yes, for WW1

What was the first number in the World War 2 draft?


Where did the US get soldiers for World War 2?

draft or enlisted

What decided who would serve in World War 2?

the Draft

Was the draft used in World War I?

Yes the draft was active in World War 1

Did World War 2 have a military draft?

Yes, WW2 had military draft in Britain, Canada and USA.

When was the draft for World War 2?

US males were drafted in 1940.

What was the draft age for the US for World War 2?

18 years.

What was the date when the World War 2 draft began?

Oct 1940