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What was the economy like in Jamestown?

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Jamestown started out with a charter, meaning that a company in this case The London Company owned them. In the first year they did not establish agriculture or a village because they were too busy looking for gold. John Smith helped to bring settlement to the colony. Tobacco ended up being their choice of agriculture and trade made possible by John Rolfe, who married Pocohontas who later changed her name to Rebeka. In 1624 the colony went bankrupt and the king of England had to take it over as a royal colony.

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Q: What was the economy like in Jamestown?
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How is Jamestown important to us?

Jamestown was a for profit tobacco economy

What was the economy of Jamestown?

plantation agriculture

How did tabacco change jamestown?

It caused the economy to boom.

What was the economy in Jamestown Virginia in 1607?

mostly tobacco

What crop became the basis of the Jamestown economy?

The State of Virginia where Jamestown is located became the major producer of Tobacco.

What did Jamestown colony dress like?

Jamestown dress like

Which product changed the economy of Jamestown?

Tobacco. A new, high-grade tobacco was developed by John Rolfe in 1612, and it became very popular in England. As the colonists learned to grow it, they became very successful, and it changed the economy of Jamestown in many ways.

What exports brought financial prosperity to the colony at Jamestown?

Cultivating tobacco saved Jamestown's economy.

How did tobacco change the economy in Jamestown colony?

It chnaged the economy because they couldn't find any more gold and the trade of toabbaco was a hit in the old world.

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What does Jamestown look like?

Jamestown looks like many towns in the New England area. You can see what it looks like by doing an image search or visiting.

What were the people like in jamestown?

The people of the Jamestown Colony were more likely snobby and not knowing of the area.

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What was the Jamestown colonies agriculture like?


How did the colonists' decision to grow tobacco change Jamestown?

It improved the overall economy of Jamestown. Suddenly, they had a way to earn money and a way to attract more people to move. Tobacco was Jamestown's "cash crop".

What was Jamestown like?

Jamestown was a very simple colony established in the United States. This colony was not well maintained and did not survive.

How was the puritans settlement different than Jamestown?

The Puritans didn't suffer like the people of Jamestown when they first settle.

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What bay is located near Jamestown?

The Chesapeake Bay is located near Jamestown, Virginia. The bay is an outlet for the James River which was named, like Jamestown, for King James I of England.

How is john white so important to Jamestown?

Actually it was John Smith who saved Jamestown by making the settlers work. If they didn't work, they didn't get any food. Later, John Rolfe planted tobacco and the economy flourished.

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