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What was the economy of the middle colonies?


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Merchant and family farms


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The affect that geography had on the economy of the middle Colonies was to help the economy. Farming was the main source of the economy and the fertile soil, and natural resources aided the Middle Colonies economy.

The economy of the Middle Colonies was not characterized by plantation agriculture. The Southern Colonies had an economy based on plantation agriculture.

the middle economy i think is based on trade for boats , food , and other things and trade!!!! ;) (;

the answer was that it was on the trade of cash crops

The middle colonies based their economy on the planting of wheat, and trade. A lot of areas were great for ports. Meaning, that the middle colonies conducted trade between the New England and Southern Colonies. Also, the areas in the middle colonies were used in trade with European nations. Wheat also soon became a very profitable item as well.

The basic needs of the middle colonies are good soil, and good climate because that is what their economy is based on, agriculture.

Tobacco. During early colonial times that crop supported most of the economy in the middle colonies.

Pretty much the straw, shipping, and commerce

It was based on cash crop farming.=] =) ;)

The slave economy was more leaning on the South rather than the Middle and the New England Colonies.

Shipbuilding was a significant part of the Middle colonies' economy in 17th century North America.

The farming of tobacco, rice, and indigo.

Iron mining, cash crops were th main sours of money in the middle colonies' economy but there was also fishing, lumbering.

they farmed and washed clothes and etc.

new England grew wheat etc middle colonies grew tobacco etc southern grew cotton etc

Merchants were drawn to the middle colonies because there was a lot of trade going on there. The farming and natural resources played a big part in why the economy was successful.

ruled by dutch and people from netherland but then was taken over by the british

The Middle and Southern colonies had much flatter land compared to those of the New England Colonies. These two areas also have much longer growing seasons, especially the Southern colonies.

The climate and soil in the Middle colonies were good, but not as good as in the Southern colonies. The economy of the Middle colonies depended more on their mills than on farming. The mills ground grain that produced flour to make bread, pancakes, waffles, and even pretzels. Bread was one of the main staples in the Middle colonies with each person eating about a pound of bread per day.

The New England Colonies were cold, rocky, and had tons of trees. They couldn't farm for profit so they built ships, and whaled. The Southern Colonies were warm with rich soil and so they were able to base their economy on agriculture. Since the Middle colonies were ,well, in the middle they were a great place for trade!

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