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~World Jewry was devastated by the Holocaust. Just under half the Jews on the planet were exterminated; one million of them were children. Once the camps were liberated, those Jews that had managed to survive, and not been starved to death, were left to try and desperately locate any living relatives. In many, many cases, survivors would find that their entire families had been murdered. Those Jews that still lived had nothing, as all their possessions had been taken from them. Many of them tried to get to Palestine, where Palestinian Jews had been living for 3000 years, and had irrigated the land and transformed a bit of the region into a viable and lovely place to live. But tragically, the British, who controlled Palestine, blocked the Jews from getting there. Some of them were even sent back to internment camps in Germany, which was inhumane and almost intolerable for Jews who had just spent years in the death camps. Both the Holocaust survivors, and Jews in Palestine and also in the Arab nations, had to come to terms with what had happened and the fact that there was so much irrational hatred towards them. It was now even more vital to establish an official Jewish homeland in the region of Palestine, as Jews had dreamed of doing for thousands of years. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------


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Judaism. A Jew is a follower of Judaism. Jewish is NOT a race.

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They were from top to bottom, resistors of the Nazi oppression of Judaism.

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* There about 15 million Jews (adherents of Judaism) in the world. * By no means all of them are Holocaust survivors or descended from Holocaust survivors.

The American government had no direct effect on the Holocaust. Obviously, the defeat of Nazi Germany by the Allies ended the genocide. I wonder if you are mistakenly equating the Holocaust with World War 2.

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With smaller numbers, increased urgency, vitality and determination, they crafted and created Israel.

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