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nothing much changed. they went on with their daily lives.

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Q: What was the effect on the social well being of Britain during World War 2?
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How did WW2 effect great britain?

After the end of World War II, Britain underwent enormous social change and the country was bankrupted after the war.

When did rationing start in Britain during World War 2?

Rationing came into effect in Britain on 8 January 1940.

Who was the priminister in Britain during world war 2?

The Prime Minister of Britain during World War II was Winston Churchill.

World War 2 Where did they fight in Britain?

where did they fight in britain during world war 2

Who was the ruler of Britain during World War I?

George V ( reigned from 1910 to 1936 ) was King of Britain during World War 1.

How did World War 2 effect Great Britain?

it did NT

Battle of Britain WW1?

The Battle of Britain occured during World War II not World War I.

When did the World War 2 invade Britain?

Britain wasn't invaded during World War 2

Was Winston Churchill the leader of Great Britain during World War 2?

Yes, he was the prime minister and military leader of Britain during world war 2

Was there a social revolution in Britain after World War 2?

Yes, the war brought about a social revolution in Britain. Shared experiences of those involved in the war and those families that were left behind caused great social change.

What was the conditions of England during the Holocaust?

Britain was not invaded in World War 2 and there was no Holocaust in Britain.

What was happening in Britain during World War 2?

Air raids in Britain by nazi Luftwaffe

When did Germany bomb Britain?

During World War I and World War II

What is reason the United States sided with Britain during world war 1?

the united state shared a common language and literature with britain-apex

Did Germany invade Britain during World War 1?


Who was allied with Russia during World War 1?


What was the capital of Britain during World War 1?


What was the capital of Britain during World War 2?


Who Was Interned In Britain During World War?

German POWs.

What did the people back in Britain drink during World War I?

People in Britain drank coffee, wine, and alcohol during World War 1. Many foods were rationed during WWI including butter, milk, and meats. Carrots were the one food that was not rationed in Britain.

What is the effect of the attack on France in World War 2?

The effect was that Germany attakes France which is an ally of US and Britain, Britain was brought into war and Germans destroyed France almost completely

Who were the Generals for Great Britain during World War 2?

the general for great Britain was churchill. by Henri

Who was the king during world war 2?

George VI was king of Great Britain during World War 2.

Why was the battle of Britain a world war?

It wasn't. The Battle of Britain was just one of many battles fought during World War II.

Social impact of the war during World War 2?

what was the impact of the war during the world war II