What was the election of 1848?

The presidential election of 1848 was an open race, the Whigs had elected Zachary Taylor, and the Democrats elected Lewis Cass. Zachary Taylor was hardly interested in Politics and had actually never voted before. He had a 40 year military career and was elected by both the Democratic and Whig Party before he chose to proclaim himself a Whig.
Another active Party was the Free Soil Party led by Former President Martin Van Buren that opposed further expansion of slavery into the Western Territories. The Liberty Party was a smaller party that chose to nominate Gerrit Smith.

Zachary Taylor won the race with 1,361,393 popular votes.
Lewis Cass received 1,223,460 popular votes.
Martin Van Buren received 291,501 popular votes.
Gerrit Smith received 2,545 popular votes.