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Many people wore bright colors, tight pants, loose shirts, seqiuns, poka dots, neon, etc. Many people also had short hair! They thought that fun colors were really cool and out there.


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Shoulder pads seems to stand out as one of the most interesting features of 80s fashion. Mini skirts, leg warmers, sleeveless gloves, stretch pants and parachute pants are a few more fashion items at the time.

the 80s are back. skinny jeans, chukie t's, graphic tee's

Not a great amout to be honest. The main difference between now and the 80s is that the 80s had a individual style in itself, wheras now there is a focus and interest on 'vintage style' clothing. There has been a large emphasis on past eras since the start of the decade. Alot of the fashion at the moment is based on 1970s influences; the 'boho' look. But there are some similarities as there are influences from the 1980s style, such as oversized Tshirts with leggings. x

The Madonna look is an easy costume to make and even the make-up isn't hard. Try this website for information on how to become a "Madonna",

in the 80s the hair styles were all big and quite curly :)

80s music was pure happiness, a lot of synthesizers, and saxophone solos.

Two fashion trends in the 80s are neon colors and puffed shoulder jackets. Those trends are coming back for Fall 2009!!

No. Old fashioned only lead you out of the current world. If the fashion changes to the previous one like the 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s, etc., then you are not old fashioned.

the 80s are back in fashion. skinny jeans are popular for both guys and girls.

lots of neon flair pants plaid shirts a lot of stuff that was popular then is what people are sporting 2day

fashion journalism is like blogging and WRITING about fashion. however fashion media is like store commercials, fashionshows and things like that hope this helps

For fashion, this is a hard one. 70s fashion seems to me (wasn't alive then) to be a somewhat mix between 60s hippie chic and 80s disco. Random fads? The Brady Bunch, pet rocks, Barbie.

I think fashion is not important because , its like ................................

if you have a passion for fashion... like you love it!

Oh yeah! The 80s were awesome man! Video games, Computers, Television was so awesome back then! Especially music!

The fashions were still pretty 80s. A lot of big hair, mullets, flat tops, mop tops etc. Acid wash jeans and jean jackets, leggings, shoulder pads, pants high at the waist, bright neon colors, snapback hats, tight lycra. These styles lasted mainly till 1994. Even though the grunge and hip hop styles had been merging since the late 80s, you had a major mix in 80s fashion and new coming 1990s fashion.

the fashion was really old and not that speaciall.

She likes fashion that's what I say

scrunchies, leg warmers, spandex .... i forget the other answer ==> the other answer on Family Feud is "big hair"

You are so rude! I japanese, I very much like fashion! So rude.

Do you mean like into as in 'OOH I LOVE FASHION' type thing? Well if you want to be into it that way you have to like designing, have ideas of fashion yourself or simply just the pashion to fashion. Hope this helped ;D

I only like "dance" rap from the late '80s and early '90s.

Fashion isn't really good or bad. Fashion is just a sense of style, and it depends on each person to say if they like fashion or not.

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