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gibsons ES model


The first electric Guitars were made within the space of two or three years in the early 1930s, all in the USA. These include:

George Beauchamp/Adolph Rickenbacker: "Frying Pan" prototype steel guitar

Paul Tutmarc: experimental steel guitar

Lloyd Loar: solid-body guitar with electrostatic pickup

Les Paul: various experimental guitars

Dopyera Brothers: electrified "Dobro" resonator guitar

By 1935 many manufacturers including Gibson, Rickenbacker and Vega were producing both solid-body electric steel guitars and electrified archtop guitars on a commercial scale.

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What is the First electric guitar record?

The first recording with an electric guitar was back in the 50's, by American Country Music duo Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant, it featured West on the pedal steel guitar and Bryant on the electric guitar.

Did the electric guitar come before the bass guitar?

Yes. The first electric guitar was on the market in 1932, the first electric bass guitar was on the market in 1935.

What is the name of the first electric guitar?

the first electric guitar was the rickenbacker lapsteel made by rickenbacker electro

Who created the first electric guitar in 1929?

I think Les Paul invented the first electric guitar

Was the les paul guitar the first electric guitar?


Which was Slash first electric guitar when he was in Tidus Sloan?

He had A red B.C Rich electric guitar

Who is credited for making the electric guitar?

The first electric guitar was made in 1925 by Adolph Rickenbacker.

Who is the creator of the first electric guitar?

an American man named George Beauchamp in 1931 , it was a company called Rickenbacker and the first ever electric guitar was made from 1931 to 1939 nicknamed the frying pan. They made them somewhere in California.

What came first acustic guitar or electric guitar?


Can you start out with an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar?

You can start with either. Many people start with an acoustic guitar, then get an electric; others find an electric guitar easier to play at first, then get an acoustic. If you want to play exclusively rock, an electric guitar will suit you at first. Other kinds of music may call for acoustic guitar.

What are facts about the electric guitar?

the electric guitar was built in the 1930's Les Paul was the first person to build the solid body electric guitar and it has five strings

What African American plays electric guitar?

Is this a joke? Jimi Hendrix should be the first person coming to mind.

Were was the first electric guitar mad?

USA - a Rickenbacker pan guitar.

Who invented first electric guitar pickup?

what you are asking is who invented the electric guitar. not the guitar pickup. without the pickup its just a piece of wood.

Why was the first electric guitar made?

to be heard , without the electronics in an electric guitar it's a very quiet instrument.

Can you buy an electric guitar like the worlds first electric guitar?

Yes you can such it up online and figure it out were they sell it

What was the first ever electric guitar called?

The first elecric guitar was called the Frying Pan. :)

Who designed the first guitar?

Leo Fender made the first electric guitar that was mass produced.

Where was the electric guitar first made?


What was the first electric guitar called?

The Plank.

When was the first electric guitar built?


What was the first electric guitar?

The first electric guitar with "pickups" was the Rickenbacker. It was developed by Adolph Rickenbacker and George Beauchamp in the 1930's.The Les Paul

What nickname was given to the first electric guitar?

The Frying Pan or The Pancake Guitar

When was the elctric guitar invented?

The first real electric guitar was invented in 1931.

Where does the electric guitar inveted?

The first guitar originated in Greece but was improved by the Spanish.