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What was the first CD single to be commercially released in the UK?

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Classic John MartynIt may have been John Martyn's 'Solid Air', recorded in in 1972 according to

and released in February 1986:

'To celebrate John's 20th Anniversary as a performer, Island released Classic John Martyn, a five track CD single. Angeline / Tight Connection To My Heart / May You Never / Solid Air / Glistening Glyndebourne.

This was the world's first commercially available CD Single in a fold out cardboard digi pack. '

It was thus billed at the time as the 'World's first CD Single' although as it contained five tracks it would have been an 'EP'; 'extended play single' in vinyl days.

Sue Schofield

It may also have been Bruce Springsteen's 'Born in the USA'.

Insert from John Martyn's 'Piece by Piece' boxed set states that the world's first commercial compact disc single was 'Angeline', comprising all the titles listed above. Ianvinyl

It was indeed the John Martyn CD single Angeline,on Island records,label number CID265. btw the first DVD music single was Phuture 2000 by Carl Cox.

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Born In the USA was the first CD ever released in the US. Go Springstein!

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