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What was the first McDonalds in Connecticut?


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Hamden or Newington


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McDonalds first hamburger was sold in 1955

I can't say about biggest but the busiest one is in Connecticut off I-95

Because it is the first letter of "McDonalds"because mcdonalds begins with an "M"

McDonalds under Ray Kroc, opened in 1955

Thomas Hooker was the founder of Connecticut .He founded Connecticut in 1636!

The first governor of the Connecticut colony is John Haynes

The first European settlers in the Connecticut area were the Dutch.

the first McDonald's opened in 1955

The McDonald brothers established McDonalds and soon it turned into a world wide phenomenon.

The first explorer in Connecticut was Aderian Block. He founded it for the Dutch in 1614.

He worked at Mcdonalds

The first Mcdonalds opened in 1940

connecticut was first explored by the dutch

the first mcdonalds was open in woolwich London

Mcdonalds was first open in 1940.

According to the records available, the first McDonalds in Allentown, PA was on Lehigh Avenue.

It is called the Connecticut Warbler because the first specimen was collected in Connecticut and it's a type of warbler.

McDonalds is one of the most recognizable and successful fast food chain in the world. The first restaurant was opened in 1940.

The Connecticut region was inhabited by the Mohegan tribe prior to European colonization. The first European explorer in Connecticut was the Dutch explorer Adriaen Block.

The name of the first settlement in Connecticut was "New Hope", which is now known as "Hartford".

Connecticut's first bridge was built in 1808 across the Connecticut River at Windsor.

Connecticut made America's first Hamburger.

If you mean located/discoveredConnecticut:The Dutch trader Adriaen Block first explored the Connecticut coastline and Connecticut River and established trading posts there.If you mean founded Connecticut:However, the English were the first Europeans to found settlements in Connecticut. These English settlers were previously from Massachusetts.

McDonalds first mascot name was speede

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