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What was the first US city with a subway?

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The Tremont Street subway in Boston was opened in 1897, the first subway line in the United States.

The first Canadian city to have a subway was Toronto, and the second was Montreal.

London, first Subway in the World, and therefore the first in Europe.

First leg of the New York City subway was opened in 1904.

London, England in 1863.

relieve congestion on city streets.

relive congestion on city streets

The first subway system in the world was built in 1863 in London, England. the first subway in the u.s.a took its first trip from bolyston st to tremont st in 1897.the oldest subway tunnel in the world still exists under tremont st in the city of BOSTON1897

Empire City Subway was created in 1891.

New York City. I think it's called Grand Central Station

New York City Subway was created in 1863.

New York City Subway, or just the subway, or MTA.

The New York City subway system doesn't have a name, other than, "the New York City subway system," which is self-explanatory.

It seems that China's Beijing has the longest underground subway system, totaling 442kms in length. However, New York City's subway, in US, has the most stations in the world - 421.

Boston is where the first subway was built

1884, New York city. pneumatic. 312 ft long

_______________________________________Subway Restaurant's first name was "Pete's Submarines" .

On October 27, 1904, the first branch of the Interboro Subway opened. It later expanded, and the BMT and IND companies (the IND was run by the city) came into Manhattan. More information is available at:

Toronto was the first Canadian city to have a subway. The proposal for a subway was overwhelmingly approved by Toronto's voters in a 1946 plebiscite. The federal government had originally promised to pay for 20% of the project, but later reneged. As a result, construction did not begin until September 8, 1949. Toronto's subway was officially opened on March 30, 1954, by Toronto Mayor Allan Lamport and Ontario Premier Leslie Frost.

At 31 miles, the A train is not only the longest New York City subway line, but the longest subway line in the world.

No. NYC subway operates in NYC.

1906 was the first year it opened to the public 1906 was the first year it opened to the public

The first Subway in North America opened in Boston in 1897.

See the Related Link below for a complete New York City subway map.

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