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Got to be there was the first album released by Michael Jackson as a solo artist.

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Q: What was the first album Michael Jackson released as a solo artist?
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The album Thriller released in 1982 was the largest selling album of all time Name the artist?

Michael Jackson

Was Thriller Michael Jackson's first album?

No Thriller was not Michael Jackson's first album as an adult solo artist it was Off the Wall, his actual first solo album was Got To Be There released in 1972.

The album this is it by Michael Jackson released?

Yes, Michael Jackson's album "This Is It" was released October 26, 2009.

When was the musical album 'In The Future' released?

The musical album 'In The Future" was an album released by Michael Jackson. It was released in 2012 and was a post-humous release since the artist has already passed away.

Which American artist recorded the 1982 album thriller?

Michael Jackson

When was the Michael Jackson 'Invincible' album released?

The Michael Jackson album "Invincible" was released on October 30, 2001. Jackson had been working on the album for over four years before it was released, and the album contained three hit singles.

When was Michael Jackson's Why album released?

He never made an album called Why.

Did Michael Jackson have a new album ready?

Yes , Michael Jackson Did Have a New Album Ready But Sadly It Didn't Get Released But Soon It Might Be Released .

What is the best selling album ever by any artist?

Michael Jackson's Thriller

What was Michael Jackson's first solo album as an adult artist?

off the wall

What year was the album the Essential Michael Jackson released?

It was released in 2005.

In what year was Michael Jackson's Thriller album of the year?

Micheal Jackson thriller album was released on November30,1982

What is the name of 1975 Michael Jackson album?

He released the album Forever, Michael on January 1st, 1975.

What is the biggest selling album in the world?

Thriller by Michael Jackson (The Greatest Artist In History)

What was Michael Jackson's last album?

Invincible released in 2001.

What album did Michael Jackson release after Thriller?

Bad was the next album, released in in 1987.

What is Michael Jackson's good times?

Michael Jackson's Good Times was a song on an album released by The Jacksons in 1976.

Is there going to be another Michael Jackson album released after the Michael album?

Michael is the first of what is expected to be at least seven albums released by Sony, what they will be called and when they will be released is unknown at the moment.

What album is Michael Jackson's song 'Butterflies' on?

The album is called 'Invincible'. It was his album that was released in the year 2001.

What was Michael Jackson's first album?

Got to Be There was the solo debut album by then-adolescent Michael Jackson, released by Motown Records on January 24, 1972.Got to be there

When was Michael Jackson's album Bad released?

August 31, 1987.

Which King of Pop released the album Invincible in 2001?

Michael Jackson

What is the name of Michael Jackson's album released in 2001?

the name is invincible

When was Michael Jackson's album Dangerous released?

November 26, 1991.

Is Michael Jackson releasing a new album soon?

A posthumous album called Michael will be released December 14, 2010.