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What was the first basketball made of?

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The first basketballs were made from panels of leather stitched together with a rubber bladder inside.

The very first basketballs used were actually just soccer balls.

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Who made the first 13 rules in Basketball?

Dr. James Naismith's made the first 13 rules in basketball

Who made the first slam dunk in basketball?

the first black person who played basketball

Where was basketball first made?


What was the first basketball made out?


Who made the first basketball hoop?

plaese tell me who made the first hoop?

What was used as the first basketball and hoop?

The first hoop was made out of a peach basket, and they used a soccor ball for the first basketball.

What was the first basketball game made for xbox 360?

I believe the first basketball game available for the Xbox 360 was the NBA Basketball 2K6.

In what year was the first basketball made?


What year was the first basketball made?


What was the first volleyball made of from a basketball?

Its bladder

Who made the first baskets for basketball?


Who made the first basketball who?

James Naismith

Who made the first basketball shot?

Ozzy Sheckman made the first basket in 1946

When was the first Spalding basketball made?

The first Spalding basketball was made in 1894 by Albert Goodwull Spalding - three years after the invention of the game in 1891. When the game of basketball was first invented, it was actually played with a soccer ball.

What was the basketball first made out of?

Soccer balls were initially used to shoot "goals" in basketball.

When was the first Air Jordan basketball shoes made?

it was made by tinker

What were basketball baskets made of?

The first one was made of a peach basket.

Who invented the first basketball uniform?

Spalding made the first official basketball uniforms back in 1901. Spalding also made the first official basketballs at the request of James Naismith.

What part of a basketball was the first Volleyball made from?

the bladder

What was the first basketball net made out of?

poop is the good

Who made the first shoot in basketball?

pual bunnoin

How did they build the first basketball hoop?

they made it in 1950

What was the first basketball goal made from?

mitchell rigert

How was the first ball made speacially for basketball made?

out of pig skin and cow

What company made the first basketball?

Spaulding was the first company to manufacture basketballs.

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