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The Army.

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Q: What was the first branch of military to begin?
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What was the first military branch?

The first military branch that was made was the army by president George Washington in 1775.

What is America's oldest branch of military?

The Army was the first branch formed.

Is NASA a military branch?

No, it is independent of the military. It does use military people & equipment to assist. The first NASA astronauts were military pilots.

What was the first branch of the military?

The United States Army is the oldest U.S. Military branch. It ties it's roots to the Continental Army, formed on 14 June 1775, before the establishment of the U.S.

What branch of the US militar was established in 1947?

first branch of militaryUnited States Air Force, also the CIA

When did the US first begin giving military support in Vietnam?

The 1950s

Which branch of government leads the us military?

the executive branch leads the us military.

Are the air force a branch of the us military?

Is the Airforce a branch of the US military?* Yes

Is the marine corps part of the military branch?

the marine corps sure are a military branch.

Which branch commands the military?

The Executive branch

What branch is head military?

executive branch

What branch of the military first used the m-16 rifle?


When was the US military created?

The US Military was established on June 14, 1775 with the creation of the first and oldest branch the US Army.

What branch of the military goes to war first?

Usually the airforce is the first to cross into enemy territory at the outbreak of hosilities.

Which branch of the military has the most personel?

That would be the Army. The Army is the largest military branch the USA has

What is the highest branch in the military?

No branch of the US military is of any higher status than the others.

What branch of government controls the military?

executive branch

What branch is Commander in chief of military?

Executive branch

Which branch of government directs the military?

In the US, it is the Executive branch. In other governments it could be different... in fact some countries have military governments.

Which branch leads the military?

The executive branch leads the military. The president is Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

Is the navy the oldest military branch?

No, the oldest military branch was the Continental Army founded by George Washington.

Which branch of the government has the authority to command the military?

In the United States, the executive branch (specifically the President) has the authority to command the military. However, the legislative branch (Congress) can pass laws that the military must obey, and the judicial branch (courts) can require the military to comply with those laws.

What is the history of the military ball?

Every year, each branch of the military hosts a military ball. The military ball is for all members of the branch of service and their spouses or date.

Why did the first caliphs begin a military conquest of other regions?

to spread the religion of Islam

Which branch of government includes the commander of the military?

The Executive Branch