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According to the Edmunds (commercial) website (refer to the link, below): "In 1911, after William C. Durant had been ousted from General Motors, he joined forces with Swiss-born racecar driver Louis Chevrolet to found the Chevrolet Motor Car Company. The company's first offering was the Classic Six."

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What was the car that Chevrolet produced in 1957?

The first car that Chevrolet produced in 1957 was the 1957 Chevrolet. It was available in series 3 models: the Bel Air, the two-ten and the one-fifty.

When was the first Chevrolet Caprice car produced?

The first Chevrolet Caprice was produced in 1966. The Caprice was officially the Chevrolet brand's top-line series. The first Caprice series would go in production until 1970.

What year did they make Chevy?

Chevrolet Motor Company was founded on Nov 3, 1911. The first prototype car was produced in 1912 and the first car sold to the public was in 1913.The Chevrolet Motor Car Company was started on 11/3/1911 by Louis Chevrolet and William Durant. The first actual production car wasn't until the 1913 model year.

When was the first car made and why?

The Ford Model T was first produced in 1908. This was the first car ever produced and was created by Henry Ford. It was discontinued in 1927.

What is Chevrolet's first car?

The first Chevrolet ever built was the Classic 6, a 5 passenger touring car built in 1911.

What was the first Chevrolet to be made?

The Classic Six which was a 5 passenger touring car produced in March 1911.

What was the first car to be made?

mercedes-benz was the first car ever made. Oldsmobile was the first mass produced car built in the U.S. Save

What was the first car made in Michigan?

In 1956, Chevrolet built a factory in Detroit. The next year the factory produced the famous Chevrolet 1957 Bel-Air

What was the first car Chevrolet built?

The first car that Chevrolet built was the Series C Classic Six.

Where is the Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 produced?

The Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 compact automobile was produced by General Motors in Detroit Michigan. The car was produced from 1982 until 2005 when it was discontinued.

Who came first Ford or Chevrolet?

FordFord built his first car in 1896 called the Quadricycle. In 1908 he built his first mass produced car the Model T.Chevrolet was founded in 1911 and bought by General Motors in 1917. They built and sold their first car in 1911, 3 years after the Model T and 7 years after Ford's first car.

When was the El Camino first produced by Chevrolet?

The El Camino was first produced in 1959 until 1960, and then again between 1964 and 1987. It was classified as a truck because of the large boot space. There are persistent rumours that Chevrolet are considering making a new version of this popular car.

What is the first kind of Chevy car that was made?

The Chevrolet Series C Classic Six was the first car manufactured by Chevrolet. It was produced from 1911 to 1913, but after that was abandoned because it was simply too expensive. The Series C Classic Six was a large car with a 6-cylinder engine, and its base price was $2,100.

How much did a Chevrolet car cost in 1911?

Chevrolet only produced 1 car in 1911 and that was the prototype of their Series C. They began production of that car in 1912 and the base price was $2150

What kind of car is Chevrolet Beretta?

Its a front wheel drive coupe produced by Chevrolet. More specifically' it was produced by their division of General Motors in the 1987-1996 model design.

What year was the Studebaker car invented?

The first car Studebaker produced was an electric car in 1902. They produced their first gasoline powered car in 1904. These were produced in collaboration with another company. They produced their first car solely made by Studebaker in 1912.

What was the first car to be advertised on tv?

The first car to be advertised on television was a Chevrolet and it was in 1946.

What was the first car called a motor wagon?

The very first practical automobile ever produced was called the Benz Patent Motorwagen. Produced in 1885 in Germany by Karl Benz.

What is the fastest Chevrolet car ever to be made?

1996 Impala SS

Which car manufacturer produced the 1964 Impala?

Chevrolet produced the wildly famous 1964 Impala. The Impala was separated into its own model, so it was the second most expensive Chevrolet for it's time.

What is the history of the El Camino car?

The Chevrolet El Camino was produced in 1959 in response to the Ford Ranchero's release in 1957. The El Camino was produced from 1959-1960 in it first run and then from 1964-1987.

What year was the Chevrolet Corsica in production?

The Chevrolet Corsica which was named after Corsica, France, is a front-wheel drive compact car. The car that was produced by General Motors from the years 1987 to 1996.

How long has the Chevrolet brand been around?

Chevrolet built it's first car in 1911. William C. Durant was the founder of the Chevrolet Motor Car Company.

What year did Chevrolet put out their first car?


Chevy Hybrid Vehicles?

The first hybrid Chevrolet brought to market was the Volt; the first ever car to run on battery. The Volt also comes with a nice $7,500 full tax credit on purchase. Recently, Chevrolet has come out with hybrids for its most recognizable vehicles including the Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid, the Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid, the Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid, and the Chevrolet Equinox Hybrid.

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