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The snow leopard is a large cat that is indigenous to northern climates; that was true of the first ever snow leopard and of all subsequent snow leopards.

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yes have you ever heard of a snow leopard.

The snow leopard was first put on the endangered species list was in 1972.

a snow leopard is the lightest leopard

Yes!It will look on and it will prove it.

I suspect that snow leopards and anteaters are unlikely to ever meet in the wild. Though, if they did, I suspect the leopard would win, provided the anteater's lethal claws didn't kill or injure the leopard first.

An Adaptation of a snow leopard is it blends into the snow.

Snow Leopard does not mean anything. The Snow part of the name just means snow, and the Leopard part of the name means leopard. The difference between a regular Leopard and a Snow Leopard is that the Snow Leopard is white with black spots.

the snow leopard adapts to camouflaging

A snow leopard is a preditor

The Snow Leopard was created in 1978.

well the first snow lepord was found on a snowy montin and a lepord was coverd in snow

A leopard would be much bigger than a snow leopard, and would win.

a snow leopard can really do anything you know what i mean

The phylum of a snow leopard is Chordata!

how do you get snow leopard on animal

Leopard in the Snow was created in 1978-03.

The duration of Leopard in the Snow is 1.57 hours.

The Snow Leopard has 338 pages.

The kingdom for a snow leopard is Animalia. The phylum for a snow leopard is Chordata. The class is Mammalia. The order for a snow leopard is Carnivora. The family is Felidae. The genus is Panthera and the species is Uncia. The scientific name for a snow leopard is Panthera uncia.

Yes. It can. The snow leopard just lives in snow for six months of the year!

Peter Matthiessen wrote The Snow Leopard.

The snow leopard (Uncia uncia) is a big cat from Asia.

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