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What was the first football team?

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The Ivy League schools (Yale, Princeton, Harvard, Brown, Rutgers, Dartmouth) were all playing some form of what they called football as early as the 1820s. A game between Rutgers and Princeton in 1869 is widely considered the first College Football game. Rules were standardized in the 1870s, and the first professional teams sprang up in the 1890s.

The oldest team in the NFL is the Arizona Cardinals, who were founded in Chicago in 1898. The Cardinals and Chicago Bears both played in the NFL's inaugural 1920 season. The Colts didn't join the NFL until 1953.

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Who is the first football team?

sheffield fc were the first football team

What was the first football team to use the football?

the first AMERICAN football team to use an American football were: rutgers scarlet knights and the Princeton tigers

Who were the first team in English football?

The first team was Sheffield F.C.

Does a team have three tries to make a first down in football?

In the Canadian Football League, a team has three plays to make a first down. In the National Football League, a team has four plays to make a first down.

What was the first NFL football team in Indianapolis?

The first NFL team in Indianapolis is the Colts.

What football team on the first football league?

man utd is they you go

Who was the last team to win the old football first division?

Leeds United was the last team to win the old football first division.

First team in English football with an all foreign team?

The first team to do that in the Premier League was Chelsea.

Who was the first football team?

Preston northend

What football team was first to have cheerleaders?

the steerlers

Which English football team is the first to win against an Italian football team at home?

Manchester City surely ?

If you go to college can you play football for your college football team?

yes. You must make the team first though.

What was the first team sport added to the Olympics?

The first team sport to be added to the olympics was football :)

What football team is listed first in a billing?

The visitor is listed first, and the home team second.

Which host football team won the football world cup first?


Who was reggie white's first football team?

he played for the Tennessee college football team if u need help answering the team go to google

Is the Okoboji football team good?

Yes they have a very good football team they have made it to the A and B bracket the first team in MYFL history to ever do that.

What college football team has had the most first team all Americans?


Who was the first manager of the Irish soccer team?

Mick Meagan - first Irish football team manager

Who is the first team coach of Liverpool?

Mike Marsh is the first team coach of Liverpool Football Club.

What is the nickname of the Louisiana State football team?

The nickname of the Louisiana State football team is the Tigers. The nickname was first coined in 1896 after an undefeated football season.

What was the first NFL football team?

Washington Redskins

What was the first football teams name?

xiv team

What football team was the first to have an insignia on their helmets?

The Rams.

The first college football team?

Rutgers University

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