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Early knit textiles were found in Egypt dating back to the 11th century. Knitting made it to Europe somewhere between the 14th and 15th centuries. In 1527, the first trade guild was established in Paris, which was male dominated. With the invention of knitting machines, more women became involved.

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What is modular knitting?

Modular knitting is a form of knitting that involves knitting small geometric shapes that are pieced together into a larger product. The most intriguing feature of modular knitting is perhaps the varying directions in which the stitches move and interweave with each other. Entrelac, another knitting method, is similar to modular knitting.

What items in a home begin with k?

* Knife * Knitting Needle * Kids (in some homes) * Kits (first aid) ** Knife * Knitting Needle * Kids (in some homes) * Kits (first aid) ** Knife * Knitting Needle * Kids (in some homes) * Kits (first aid) ** Knife * Knitting Needle * Kids (in some homes) * Kits (first aid) ** Knife * Knitting Needle * Kids (in some homes) * Kits (first aid) ** Knife * Knitting Needle * Kids (in some homes) * Kits (first aid) *

What form of knitting creates doilies?

Crocheting or Tatting.

Who thought of it first?

who first thought up of knitting

What is double knit fabric?

Double knitting is a form of knitting in which two fabrics are knitted simultaneously on one pair of needles.

What are the types of knitting?

cable knitting, tube knitting, four needle knitting, knitting in the round, and a straight knit

What does tfl stand for in knitting?

Through the first loop.

How is tricot knitting done?

According to wikipedia: ""Tricot is a special case of warp knitting, in which the yarn zigzags vertically, following a single column ("wale") of knitting, rather than a single row ("course"), as is customary. Tricot and its relatives are very resistant to runs, and are commonly used in lingerie."Tricot knitting is usually done with machines, and is used for track clothing, and bike shorts. This form of knitting is found in vintage knitting patterns, but is not much in favor for hand knitting.

What tools and materials are used for knitting?

Knitting is accomplished usually with pairs of needles -- knitting needles, to be exact -- and some form of spun fiber spun into a long, long length -- usually several hundred metres long, and even longer.

What does slip marker mean in knitting?

First, a slip marker is a little plastic ring or maybe a piece of yarn tied around a knitting needle to mark a certain spot. When the knitting pattern says to move the slip marker, you slide it from one knitting needle to the other.

What is knitting in the ditch when knitting in the round?

This could be standing in a depressed area while knitting using a round knitting needle.

What is a process in which a thread or yarn is looped or knotted around itself to form a mesh?


What is the process of which thread or yarn is looped or knotted around itself to form mesh?


Why is french knitting so called?

Whether you call them Knitting Nancys, Bizzy Lizzys, knitting mushrooms, knitting spools, corkers, peg knitters, knitting nobbys (or knitting noddys) or knitting knobbys, these knitting devices all owe their existence to the medieval lucet. The lucet is a two pronged fork with a hole in the handle.

What type of equipment is used to knit?

Well:Knitting needlesYarnBest to have a knitting pattern.There are others that are optional for knitting.Or with a loom:Knitting loomKnitting hookNeedle

What is hookset in knitting?

there is no hookset in knitting

Is knitting a volcano?

No, knitting is a sport.

How do you block knitting?

First get a board into which you can stick pins. Pin a piece of tracing paper to it on which you have drawn the shape of your knitted piece at the correct size. Dampen your knitting. Pin the knitting to the outline, adjusting it to fit exactly. Leave it to dry.

Who invented kniting?

the Persians were the first to begin knitting about 256 AD

Who used to practice the craft knitting?

The word "knitting" is derived from the word Knot and ultimately from the Old English "cnyttan", to knot. One of the earliest known examples of knitting was found in Egypt from the end of the first Millennium AD and was a pair of socks, cotton with stranded knit color patterns. Originally a "MALE" only occupation, the first knitting trade guild was started in Paris in 1527.

What is the difference between weft and warp knitting?

Weft knittingWarp knitting1.Weft knitting is a method of fabric forming in which the loops are made in horizontal way from a single yarn.1.Warp knitting is a method of fabric forming in which the loops are made in vertical way from each warp yarns.2.Loops take place in a circular or flat form on across wise basis .2.Loops takes place in a flat form of length wise basis.3.In this method feeding is one yarn at a time, to a multiplicity of fashion.3..Here numerous end of yarns are being feed simultaneously to a individual needles placed in a lateral fashion.4.Most of the weft knitting is of tubular form.4.Most of the knitted structures are flat or open width form.

How do you spell Knitting?

That is the correct spelling of "knitting."

Are cross stitch and knitting different in a brief?

Cross stitch is a form of embroidery. (Cross stitch designs are done on grids, so they look like they might be for knitting. You could probably use some cross stitch designs for intarsia or fair isle color knitting.)

How do you French knit?

This is a form of knitting using a knitting device called a knitting nanny's. (In Germany they're called Niles) It is a hand held tool called a laced. The yarn is wound around the prongs on the lust, in a pattern that forms the stitches. For pictures and instructions see The Lost Art of Knitting Nuances below. I believe it is related to the new craze of the "NAFTA Knitter".

Are sock knitting machines circular knitting machines?

No, they are not.

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